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PrestaShop Modules (32)

We have been creating PrestaShop modules since 2010. Our goal is for every module help you sell. You could use our modules in activities on many levels: management and automation of back-office activities, integrations, content management and building SEO value as well as enter into new customer interactions. Choose the PrestaShop module from PrestaShow that will help you manage your online store more conveniently and efficiently.

Designed with SEO and RWD standards

Each content management module is fully responsive, i.e. you can customize its appearance for mobile devices and computers. You can rely on full automation - if you don't set your own RWD configuration, the modules will fit to screen resolution.

Intelligent link between modules

Our modules work together. Thanks to this, you can combine the functionality of modules to create more interesting content and automate activities. For example, in the blog module you can insert albums from the gallery module or banners created in the banner module. The PriceMaster module will detect price changes of imported and updated products with the CSV & XML Importer module - it will automatically round them or add mark-up / margins according to Your configurations. The relationships between the modules you will discovered during their use.

Dashboard notifications

Our modules will notify you about completed import or product updates, new comments under blog entries, a request to join the partner program, or about new invoices generated. You will not miss any information important to your sales.

1-click updates and auto-backup system

Our modules will inform you about the availability of the new version. Be up-to-date with the changelog and perform the update with 1 click. The module create self-backup before updating. In case of problems after the update, go to the backup history and restore any previous version of the module.

Modern and international

Each module is fully translated into English and Polish. Translations of module elements can be extended using the standard Presta translation system. Modules are constantly adapted to the latest versions of PrestaShop. We use the latest technologies - go ahead and use PHP 7.3 to guarantee maximum performance and security.

Covered by warranty and support

Each purchase is covered by 3-month HelpDesk support and access to updates. Get care with the knowledge base and FAQ, and if necessary use the HelpDesk - support that works.

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