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    Detailed description

    PrestaShop Breadcrumb Pro

    Replace the classic breadcrumb bar in PrestaShop with the modern, convenient and clear Breadcrumb Pro.

    Breadcrumb is a graphical user interface (UI) element that indicates a customer's current location in an online store. Navigation links in the navigation bar path are separated by a separator and make it easier to explore the store.

    Our module is a modern breadcrumb. It introduces improvements not available in the standard breadcrumb, which support navigation in the store on computers and mobile devices.

    • We designed the module in accordance with Google standards and good practices
    • The module will increase the usability (UX) and SEO value of your store
    • Expandable categories and information pages
    • Scrolled horizontally on mobile

    Maximum usability on minimal space

    • Precise, responsive interface to assist in navigating your store
    • Complements all sub-pages of your store with Rich Snippets tags
    • With the ability to expand subcategories in a horizontally scrolling bar, the complete product catalog structure is always at hand

    PrestaShop Rich Snippets

    A complete set of Rich Snippets for your store

    If your template has missing or incorrect schema, our module will complete the missing Rich Snippets tags. With the correct schema, your store's visibility in search engines will improve. The results leading to your store's pages will be complete, and thus more interesting for the viewer.

    prestashop rich snippets

    A set of Rich Snippets tags for key pages of your store:

    • Home page
    • Category, product list
    • Product page
    • Login and registration
    • My Account (after the customer logs into the store)
    • CMS pages
    • List of manufacturers and manufacturer page
    • OPC shopping carts and step-by-step purchasing processes
    • Search

    For more information on supported Rich Snippets tags, see Google's documentation.

    Quick setup

    • Choose one of the available looks for the bar and breadcrumb
    • Disable the last item - the product name on the product page. Not duplicating the content will positively affect the perception of the store in the UX layer. This setting can be controlled independently for Desktop and Mobile versions.
    • Enable horizontal scrolling breadcrumb with touch support. This solution works perfectly on phones where the bar occupies a narrow space and responds to touch and scroll horizontally.
    • Allow subcategories, manufacturers and CMS pages to expand directly from the breadcrumb bar. Items in the expanded breadcrumb bar can be sorted alphabetically or in the order you set in the store.

    Appearance personalization

    The quality of the available looks you'll find in the module and the ability to personalize them from the settings will give you full freedom to customize the bar to suit your store.

    You can customize your own colors and separator in the module settings. You can also edit the .tpl and .css files of the available templates to further customize them for your store.

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    Magdalena S
    Rozwijane kategorie działają bardzo dobrze. Działa zgodnie z opisem. Polecam.

    Janek S
    Moduł bardzo dobrze wygląda na mobile i desktop. Usługa instalacji wykonana w 2 dni.
    Anna K
    Moduł podmienia standardowy bredcrumb i działa 100x lepiej. Można powyłączać niektóre elementy w sklepie, bo moduł podaje je szczególnie fajnie na mobile.
    Bardzo fajny
    Kasia Przychodzień
    Małe, a cieszy! :))
    W porządku

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    Technical requirements
    • PHP 7.1 or higher
    • ionCube Loader server extension
    • MySQL >= 5 or MariaDB
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
    Support and warranty
    • With the module you get 3-month access to Premium Support.
    • You can renew access to support at any time by purchasing any of the available packages

    Access to Updates
    3 months

    Modules will inform you about an available update directly in your store. Check out the changelog. You will update a module conveniently with 1-click.

     Access to HelpDesk
    3 months

    HelpDesk is a panel where we provide help with the use of the module. On HelpDesk you can order modifications and custom programming work.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ

    The knowledge base is free and available to everyone. In it you will find module documentation and answers to frequently asked questions.


    Domain and additional domains

    • You can assign the module to 1 store instance = 1 domain.
    • You can use the module without time limitation.
    • You can add a test / development store domain.
    • To change the domain opena request on HelpDesk.

    Multistore domains

    Supporting unlimited domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires purchasing multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    The module code related to store integration and appearance (.tpl, .css) is open source and you can modify it freely. The module source is encrypted with ionCube.

    • You can test some modules in our demo store. You can find the link to the demo store in the top section of the page
    • You can test some modules for free by downloading 14-day Trial .
    • If you have any problems with the operation of the Demo or Trial version, please contact us

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