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  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
  • PrestaShop banners sliders POP-UP & Scenes Manager
    • Create interactive banners and place them anywhere in your store
    • Add your own content and tag products
    • Banners and automatic sliders
    • POP-UP and Full-screen windows
    • Info-bar - a bar pinned at the top or bottom of the page
    • Lookbooks integrated with product catalog
    • Mobile / Desktop banner split
    • Display and click-through statistics

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    Technical support
    • Access to HelpDesk technical support
    • Access to module updates
    • Access to personalized PrestaShop support
    • Extend at any time
    You can install the modules yourself - in the footer of the page you will find a link to the instruction You can use the free installation service within 48h - 96h. You can use express installation service within 4h - 48h.

    The extension allows you to use the module in multiple stores when you have multi-store mode active.

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    Detailed description

    Module for managing banners in PrestaShop store.

    Banner Manager will help you manage banners, sliders and POP-UP windows in PrestaShop. With the module you will create interactive banners for Desktop and Mobile versions of your store.With the option to tag products on banners you will give your customers a new kind of interaction and improve the message and promotion of the product catalog inside the store.

    Multiple formats

    The module supports popular web banner formats. We prepared each format so that you can use the potential of your imagination and realize different marketing needs.

    For each format you can set:

    • The place and the page of the store where the banner should appear
    • Mobile and/or Desktop
    • Size
    • On and off dates
    • Linking
    • Product tagging
    • Add your own content using WYSWIG

    Combine banner and product promotions

    To achieve good results of in-store advertising, combine banner promotions created with this module with product promotions in your store, which you create with the Manger Upsell & Cross-sell module - promotions in key areas of your store.

    Info bar - information banner at the top or bottom of the page

    Attached to the top or bottom of the page with any content. Set background color, auto on/off dates and optional destination link. The banner can be closed by the customer. It will reappear if you configure it that way.


    Static banner

    One graphic that can be static or randomized from among multiple graphics. Ideal to display information about delivery costs, promotions in the left column or in the shopping cart.

    Automatic slider

    Rotator of multiple banners. Set the type of pagination and navigation, automatic sliding and touch interaction. For mobile devices you can create an independent version of the slider. You can tag products on the slider graphic.


    POP-UP windows

    Display a window of a fixed size, with graphics and your own content, on any page of your store.



    An interactive product scene in your store will bring your offerings to life and show the visitor merchandise in a way that aids selection.

    A lookbook is an interactive type of banner with tagged products. The customer can click on the products marked on the benner, view their name and price, and consequently add the product to the shopping cart or go to the product page, where you should resolve the remaining doubts of the customer.

    You can place banners with tagged products anywhere in your store, such as on the homepage, in the category header, in the product description or in the blog posts of our PrestaShop SEO Blog module.

    Under the lookbook, you can enable the display of the list of products tagged on the banner - the product boxes will look just like the product list in your store.


    Automatic Promotional Catalog with lookbooks

    Use the module to create your virtual promotional newspaper! The module can create an additional sub-page with a friendly URL that lists all the arrangements you create where you have tagged products. After clicking on the thumbnail, the customer will go to its details.


    Place banners and POPUP windows in any areas of your store

    You can place any format in any places in the store:

    • On the home page
    • In the shopping cart
    • On the contact page
    • On the pages of designated categories, products or manufacturers
    • In the content or on the CMS pages
    • In product and category descriptions

    In addition, you can set the format to display:

    • On computers
    • On mobile devices
    • In selected languages
    • In a set period of time

    Custom content on banners

    Banners are a great place to put content, including in H3 or H2 tags. In the module, you can superimpose any content on any format using WYSWIG editor. Your banners will be clickable, viewer-friendly and increase the SEO value of your store.

    Banners for Mobile and Desktop

    You can indicate on which devices you want to display the created creative. The module will detect what device the visitor is coming from and display the appropriate banner to him. Your banners will be readable on all devices:

    • Only on computers
    • Only on phones
    • On all devices

    The module works responsively, i.e. that the created banner adapts to the size of the screen it is displayed on.

    Clicks and impressions statistics

    In the list of banners you will find statistics of impressions and clicks - check which creatives generate customer engagement.

    Graphics and images manager

    Upload graphics from disk or by Drag&Drop method. The manager will help you manage and use the graphic files uploaded to the module.


    Banners in multiple languages

    You can translate the content applied to banners in all languages that are enabled in your store.
    You can also create banners and POP-UP windows for selected languages and display them only in selected countries.

    To limit the display of products for selected languages, check our Product Availability by Language module.


    Each banner format you create gets its own individual {tag}, which you can copy and place:

    • In the .tpl files of the template, e.g. banner on the 3rd and 7th position in the product list.
    • In the content of CMS pages,
    • In the blog entries of the Prestashop SEO Blog module.
    • In product descriptions

    Krzysztof W.
    Sceny i aranżacje bomba. Polecam z czystym sumieniem,
    Anna Kostecka Kids&Fun
    POLECAM! Wszystko w jednym module i SUPER helpdesk!
    Dominik Pasterski
    Wygodny i responsywny. Mógłby czytać więcej hookow z szablonu. Poza tym bez zarzutów.
    Moduł fajny, szczególnie oznaczanie produktów na sliderach! Takie coś było w scenach w 1.4! Rewelka! Trzeba jeszcze dopracować optymalizację, ale poza tym super.
    Wojciech WProjekt
    Wygodny w obsłudze, bogata konfiguracja, instalacja bez problemów. polecam
    Wykorzystujemy banery z możliwością oznaczania produktów, jednak opcji jest dużo więcej :-)
    Tomek Radzikowski
    Prestashow tak jak obiecałem, piszę :-) Po aktualizacji ten moduł powinien być na wyposażeniu standardowym Presty. Oznaczanie produktów i nowe formaty robia robotę!!!
    Hello PrestaShow! I replaced two other modules (popup on main page and slider) with your. Keep doing modules like this one :)
    Kamil, Łukasz
    Zmienialiśmy infrastrukturę serwerową - ze sklepami demo.prestashow.pl powinno być już wszystko OK. Dzięki za czujność! :)
    w sklepie demo nie da się niczego przetestować ponieważ ustawienia modułu są zablokowane.
    Nie działa sklep demo, tzn. działa panel admin, ale po wejściu na front-end pojawia się tylko komunikat works good!
    Nie działa sklep demo, tzn. działa panel admin, ale po wejściu na front-end pojawia się tylko komunikat works good!
    Moduł bardzo łatwy w obsłudze. Można dodać baner czy jakąkolwiek grafike w dowolnym miejscu w sklepie, co bardzo ułatwia pracę ze sklepem. Ma dużo więcej opcji, ale jeszcze się z nimi nie zapoznaliśmy. 5/5, polecam :-)
    Love it!! I fully commend it to all PrestaShop users!
    ArtGallery Denmark
    Awesome module! Do the same and more compared to 3 modules I used before! Great module and support! ArtGallery Denmark

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    Change of domain
    Changing the domain for the license is possible. For this purpose, please contact us.

    Code modifications
    The element related to the integration of the module with the store and the front of the module (.tpl, .css) has open source code and you can modify it freely. The source of the module is encrypted with ionCube.

    Test in the demo store

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    • You can change the language of the demo store and the language of the module (EN, PL, DE, ES, IT, FR) using the top menu of the demo store
    • The demo will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
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