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    Detailed description

    PrestaShop Loyalty Program

    A returning customer is the foundation of stable eCommerce

    Loyalty program for online store customers - the more opportunities for collecting and redeeming points you offer, the chances of the customer returning and buying again increase.

    • For creating an account
    • For signing up for a newsletter
    • For in-store purchases
    • For reviews and product photos (required modules for reviews - read more)
    • Points you award to a customer manually
    Interactive Loyalty Program tile in My Account

    Customers like Loyalty Programs

    Start your own program!

    In the module configuration, enable the places where you want to inform the customer about the points to be earned:

    • On the product page
    • In the shopping cart
    • In My Account
    The customer has access to all loyalty program information in 1 place.

    Points for your customers

    Multiple methods of awarding points

    Points for product purchases

    Products have different margins. The higher the margin, the more points you can offer to the customer. You can configure the amount of points a customer will receive for buying a product.

    For example: you can create a rule, for example, "2x more points for purchases from the Toys category".
    • Globally for the entire catalog, according to one common rule.
    • Individually, for example, by category, manufacturer or for a single product.
    • You can enable exclusion of products in the promotion or use other personalization options.

    Points for creating an account

    Creating an account in the store will be rewarded with welcome points, which you set in the module. This module works in conjunction with creating an account using the Google Login module.

    Points for Newsletter

    Signing up for a newsletter will be rewarded with points that you set in the module.

    • The module detects signups with the standard PrestaShop Newsletter module.
    • The module will not accrue points repeatedly if the customer unsubscribes and subscribes to the newsletter again.

    Points for reviews and photos

    This module works in conjunction with our Feedback and Comments module - photos, rewards, notifications

    Zaufane Opinie - nagrody za komentarze i recenzje

    Using both modules, you will be able to set up a point reward for a customer for inserting reviews and attaching photos to reviews of purchased products. The points will appear on the balance of the Loyalty Program module.

    Points you will transfer individually

    Manually award points with a note, which will be visible in the history of points in the customer's account and in the module. Award extra points to customers individually to appreciate cooperation or alleviate a problem.

    In the customer account edition or in the module, you will manually award points to a customer

    You can also hand out points with 1-click to all participants, e.g. to give away a Christmas gift to encourage shopping in your store. Customers will receive an email informing them of the points you have awarded.

    Ways to redeem collected points

    Exchange points

    The customer in My Account can exchange the collected points. The points exchanged for a voucher or for products are marked as settled and remain on the list for archival purposes.

    Exchange points for a discount voucher

    1. Enable "Exchange points for discount voucher".
    2. The customer in My Account can exchange the collected points for a discount voucher

    Exchange points for free delivery

    Customer can exchange collected points for free delivery. In the shopping cart or in My Account, the customer can generate a coupon for free delivery if they have enough points in their account.

    1. Enable "Redeem points for free delivery".
    2. Enter the value of the delivery in points.

    Purchase with points on the product card and in the shopping cart

    If the customer is logged in and has enough points on his account, he will be able to exchange points for products in your store. In the module, set, the amount and the number of points that the product costs, e.g. 10 PLN + 1500 points.

    1. Enable "Shopping for points".
    2. In the module, indicate the products available for purchase for points and set their price in points
    3. On the product page, next to the "Add to cart" button, the "Buy for points" button will appear

    Exchange points for products available only to participants

    Indicate the products from your PrestaShop catalog that will appear in the Boutique and set their prices in points. Logged-in customers will be able to exchange the accumulated points for products available only in the Boutique.

    1. You can include products and combinations in the Boutique. For each combination you can enter the price in points.
    2. Optionally, you can increase the price of the product in points by an additional amount, e.g. EUR 1 + 2000 points.

    Loyalty Boutique

    Premium products for members only

    In the Boutique you can place products that are invisible in your store (disabled).

    Products in the boutique will be visible only to Loyalty Program members.

    Boutique products are added to the shopping cart and ordered in the same way as other products in your store.

    A customer can have classic products and products for points in the shopping cart at the same time.

    prestashop rewards loyalty

    Serving international customers

    Conversion of points value against currency

    Points are calculated according to the exchange rate in relation to the main currency of the store. If the exchange rate is 4 PLN = 1 EUR, a customer who shops for 40 PLN will receive the same number of points as a customer who shops for 10 EUR.

    All content in the module is translated in PL, EN, ES, DE, IT, FR and you can translate it in other languages enabled in your store.

    Email notifications

    No one will miss the opportunity to buy again

    The module sends emails to customers with information about the accrual of new points and opportunities to redeem collected points.

    Migrate points from an old loyalty program

    Continue the existing program

    • Our module has a built-in system for automatic migration of points from the standard PrestaShop Loyalty module.
    • Points collected by your customers in the standard module will appear in the points history of our module and in My Customer Account with a precise description of the origin and date of migration.
    • You can add additional points to your customers during the migration.

    Additional features

    Personalize the program to suit your every need

    Points on net / gross amount

    Accrual of points on the net / gross price of the order

    Points expiration time

    You can enable points expiration. The customer will first use the points that are closest to the expiration date.

    Minimum number of points

    The minimum number of points that can be redeemed

    Exclusion of promotions

    Exclusion of products in the promotion in the process of counting points

    Live conversion

    Automatic recalculation of points after changing the number of products in the shopping cart

    Maximum of 1 voucher at a time

    Possibility to use only 1 voucher for points during 1 order

    Order statuses

    Order statuses for which points will be automatically credited

    Welcome page

    Welcome page in the Loyalty Program tab in My Account

    Acceptance of consent before joining the program

    Optional Consent for mandatory acceptance before joining the Loyalty Program

    Leaving the Loyalty Program

    Ability to leave the Loyalty Program at any time

    Exclusion of products from exchange for points

    Exclusion: points can only be used to purchase products from selected categories

    PrestaShop Multistore

    Full support for PrestaShop Multistore. Multistore support for this module is an additional fee.

    Support for shopping as a guest

    Disable the accrual of points for "Order as a guest" - a customer who places an order as a guest and then creates an account will not have access to the points he/she may have earned guest orders.

    Log history of points acquisition and exchange

    The module logs all operations of accrual and exchange of points. Details of each operation can be found in the module.

    Validity time of points

    In the module you can specify the expiration time of points, after which they will expire. The module will send an email to the customer reminding him of the expiration of points.

    Do you have an idea?

    You can order any customized modification of the module.


    • Extra points for payment by classic bank transfer
    • API - support for receiving points from outside
    • Integration of a common points account with theAffiliate Programmodule (PShowReferrers)
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    Komentarze ()
    The reviews posted on our store are not sponsored in any way. We also verify that they were added by customers who have purchased from us or guests. If you want to learn more about this topic please read our Regulations.
    Jacek, tak można ustawić czas ważności punktów. Piszemy o tym w opisie:
    Możesz włączyć wygasanie punktów. Klient w pierwszeństwie wykorzysta punkty, które są najbliższe daty wygaśnięcia.
    Jacek W
    czy jest możliwość ustawienia czasu ważności punktów czy będą one ważne do końca świata i jeden dzień dłużej ?
    Alejandro, module fully support PrestaShop 8.X :-)
    Hello! Still no news about version 1.8?
    Erik Andersson
    Alejandro, module update for PS 8 will be available up to 2023-06-30.
    Alejandro A
    Hello, does it work in PrestaShop 8.0?
    Witamy! Kiedy będzie aktualizacja programu?
    Czy jest opcja wykluczenia grup klientów z programu lojalnościowego? Chodzi o to że mam grupę hurt i nie chcę dla niej udostępniać opcji zbierania punktów.
    Łukasz, tak, rozróżnia. Punkty będą naliczone wg. ceny produktu / kombinacji. Na giełdę możesz wystawić zwykłe produkty lub konkretne, wskazane kombinację i nadać im cenę w punktach.
    Czy moduł rozróżnia wariantowość produktów tzn jedne produkt i 2 ceny (bo np 2 gramatury)?
    Artur Z
    Fajny moduł. Polecam 100%
    Andrzej, ta funkcja została wydana w wersji v1.45 - zajrzyj do changeloga.
    Kiedy można się spodziewać wprowadzenia funkcjonalności: Wyłączenie produktów, które są w promocji?
    Monika B
    Bardzo dobry program lojalnościowy z intuicyjnym i łatwym zapleczem. Jest w nim wszystko co powinno być i co najważniejsze działa bez problemów. POLECAM
    Agnieszka G
    To już nasz 5 moduł od PrestaShow. Po ustawieniu śmiga sam i rozdaje pkt, a rozdawanie pktów z ręki to super sposób na wkurzonych Klientów :P
    Anna S
    Sporo opcji nagradzania klienta, instalacja na supporcie tego samego dnia. Wszystko OK
    Marcin - ta funkcja jest zakolejkowana i zostanie wydana z najbliższymi aktualizacjami modułu.
    Patryk - moduł opinii na pewno pojawi się w naszym sklepie. Będzie zintegrowany z modułem lojalnościowym :-)
    Kiedy planujecie wdrożyć opcję nagradzania klienta punktami za zostawienie opinii o zakupie?
    Co zrobić żeby z automatu wykluczyć wygenerowany kod rabatowy za punkty lojalnościowe z innymi rabatami wygenerowanymi w prestashop?
    Drodzy Państwo, moduł Programu Lojalnościowego dostał wiele poprawek. Wprowadziliśmy również sporo nowych funkcji inspirując się Państwa zgłoszeniami na HelpDesk. Zachęcamy do sprawdzenia najnowszej odsłony modułu. Andrzej B, Jan Kowalski - zapraszamy do kontaktu mailowego, udostępnimy Państwu najnowsze aktualizacje modułu :-)
    Andrzej B
    Zakupiłem moduł w październiku wraz z usługa instalacji. Od początku nie działał prawidłowo, był dwukrotnie poprawiany, niestety do dzisiaj sprzedający nie jest wstanie prawidłowo wdrożyć modułu.
    Jan Kowalski, załóż zgłoszenie na lub podaj numer zgłoszenia. Nie spotkaliśmy jeszcze takiego błędu, pomożemy Ci priorytetowo.
    Jan Kowalski
    "Nie masz uprawnień, aby wyłączyć moduł pshowloyaltyprogram." tylko z tym modułem jest taki problem... nie polecam!
    Moduł wymagał zadania kilku pytań na supporcie. Jesteśmy zadowoleni (:
    Krzysiek Skoczeń
    Standardowo pod wrazeniem jestem waszych rozwiazan. Wymiana punktów na ekskluzywne produkty (tak to u siebie zrobilismy) jest prima sort.
    Katarzyna Nowotniak
    OK i moduł i wsparcie
    Michał Polkowicki
    Polecam. Plus za szybką rozbudowę o mnożnik punktów :)

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    Technical requirements
    • PHP 7.1 or higher
    • ionCube Loader server extension
    • MySQL >= 5 or MariaDB
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
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    • You can use the module without time limitation.
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    Multistore domains

    Supporting unlimited domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires purchasing multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    The module code related to store integration and appearance (.tpl, .css) is open source and you can modify it freely. The module source is encrypted with ionCube.

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