• Examines the cache in the customer's browser and sends a request to refresh the cache if it is out of date
  • Your customers will always see the current version of your store
  • A process unnoticeable to the customer
  • Efficient and runs in the background
You can install the modules yourself - in the footer of the page you will find a link to the instructions. You can use the free installation service within 5 business days. You can use the express installation service within up to 2 business days.

The extension allows you to use the module in multiple stores when you have multi-store mode active.

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    Detailed description

    Cache system in web browsers

    Web browsers save some of your store's resources in their cache to make the store load faster. When a browser can load some files from its cache, it:

    • The store loads much faster
    • The link is less loaded
    • Your server uses less CPU and RAM resources

    The cache system in the client's browser refreshes itself from time to time, but not with every change, as you implement on the store. If you modify the files responsible for the appearance of the store (*.css, *.tpl) or functionality (JavaScript) then it is likely that the browser will load files from its own cache before it downloads fresh files from your server.

    How to refresh the cache in the client's browser?

    If returning customers can't see the changes you've made to your store, template or modules, this module will solve your problem.

    Smart cache system

    1. The module versions files on your server that are stored in the browser cache .
    2. The module compares the version of the browser cache files when loading the store with the version of the file on the server.
    3. If the versions differ, a request is sent to the browser to generate a new cache
    4. The browser updates its cache

    Global.css file version v301:

    Smart and efficient

    The process of regenerating the cache is unnoticeable to the client and affects only slightly during the first page load.

    The client's browser will delete and generate a new cache only for files that have changed on your server. The rest of the browser cache will remain unchanged.

    Enable and forget

    Install and then enable the module. From the moment you enable the module, your returning customers will always see the current version of your store. The module requires no additional configuration.

    The module refreshes the cache in all browsers available on the market, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, GNOME Web, Midori, Falkon, Pale Moon, Waterfox and others.

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    Łucja R
    Zbigniew Gaszkowski
    Działa zawsze i bezobsługowo. Szczerze polecam
    Artur Potocki
    Moduł wersjonuje cache. Jakakolwiek zmiana plików na serwerze wymusza wyczyszczenie cache w przeglądarce. Rozwiązanie bezobsługowe - nie zdziwicie się z ubogości funkcji w konfiguracji, ale najważniejsze że działa :-)
    Elena Keller
    OK. Thanks.
    Piotr K
    Nie wiem do co powodowało brak zmian na froncie, prawdopodobnie coś z szablonem. Moduł pomógł. Można polecać.

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    Technical requirements

    Minimum requirements for all modules

    • PHP 7.1 or higher
    • ionCube server extension
    • Nginx or Apache server
    • MySQL >= 5 or MariaDB
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • Optional performance optimization extensions: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc

    You can read more about the requirements in the knowledge base.

    Support and warranty

    3-Months Free Technical Support

    Along with the module, you get 3 months of technical support and access to updates. When the time expires you can continue to use the module. You can renew access to support and to the latest module versions at any time by purchasing any of the available packages. The package includes the entire domain and all modules assigned to the domain.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ

    Theknowledge base is free and open to all. In it you will find documentation of the modules and answers to frequently asked questions.

    HelpDesk panel

    HelpDesk is a convenient panel for communication, on which we provide help during the use of modules. On HelpDesk you will order any programming work and optimization of the store and server.

    Module updates

    Modules will inform you in your store about new updates. You will perform the update directly in your store with 1-click.

    PrestaShow modules use license

    PrestaShow modules use license

    You can find the full content of the license on this page. We have described the operation of the license handling system on this page. Below is a summary of the most important information:

    Domain and additional domains

    You can assign the module after purchase to 1 store = 1 domain. You can use the module in the domain without time limits. You can add a test/developer store domain to each domain for free. Support for domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires the purchase of multistore support for the module.

    Changing the domain

    Changing the domain is possible. For this purpose, please contact us.

    Code modification

    The module code related to the integration with the store and the appearance (.tpl, .css) is open source and you can modify it freely. The module source is encrypted with ionCube.

    Test in the demo store

    • You will find the link to the demo store of this module in the top section of the page
    • You can change the language of the demo store and the language of the module (EN, PL, DE, ES, IT, FR) using the top menu of the demo store
    • The demo will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
    • In case of any problems with demo store operation - please contact us

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