Our adventure with eCommerce has been going on since 2004. Meet PrestaShow :-)


We did not plan to make modules

We took our first steps with websites in PrestaShow in 2004. There were two of us - a programmer and a graphic designer. Often, after school or in our free time, we did programming work: small scripts, portals and programs. We studied and read books about programming. We learned about graphical applications, HTML, CSS, JS, and even some PHP.

In 2008, during a university field trip to Białowieża, we received an email with our first order for an online store. The world of eCommerce and how online sales work. We did not know yet that the Internet would reinvent commerce. Intuition told us to specialize in store design, although there were no orders for stores at all. We started to learn PrestaShop and a few other store engines, of which there is no trace today. We were combining graphic designs from Photoshop into templates, we were modifying the core to meet customer requirements. We were implementing our first project for half a year. It came out well and before we knew it we had another client. We followed the rule that nothing is impossible and the possibility of implementing something is limited only by time. We liked Ecommerce, but hadn't yet considered designing modules...

PrestaShow in 2012

In 2012 we began a two-year period of painstaking work on PrestaShow. We wanted to have a business card personalized for Ecommerce. Initially we focused on store implementations and fixes. We even created one module that allowed admins to place banners in different areas of the store. The module was used by one store, and then many forum users (FB did not yet exist in Poland). This module is with us to this day, and it is used by several hundred stores.

The templates did not pose any challenges for us, and most web developers could handle them very well. We saw in modules an opportunity for growth and a growing demand for turnkey solutions that help sell.

In 2014, we launched prestashow.pl. We offered a few simple modules. Each sold module made us extremely happy and allowed us to establish contacts with online stores.

Below is the first design of our store and the first PrestaShow logo.


Year 2018

In 2018, we launched international sales. There were more than a dozen modules in our store. We fully focused on developing the backend to maintain the modules and providing support for users. We introduced a system of convenient updates and a system for managing licenses and new versions of modules. We standardized the code, we started creating, commenting and documenting the code in English, and we translated the front end and the administrative part of the modules into Polish and English.

We launched international payments in PLN, EUR, GBP and USD. In the meantime, we cleaned up the mobile version and launched social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Year 2019

In 2019 we released unique tools that allow 2-way integration: import and export of data to the online store. We had been building these two solutions since 2012, but it wasn't until 2019 that they became affordable enough for a novice store owner to start integrating their store with external tools and product providers.

We released a module for lossless eCommerce analytics working on Google API (PShowConversion) and several modules to help manage the SEO value of the store and improve the UX of online stores. Google Integrator is today the best-selling module in our offer and is chosen by stores all over Europe.

All our solutions were (and still are) unique - unique on a global scale. Setting standards and expanding possibilities was our CEO's obsession :)

We have developed a new category of modules that allow you to interact with your customers: the Affiliate Program and Loyalty Program modules have allowed Polish entrepreneurs to implement solutions in their online stores that were previously available only to eCommerce market leaders with million dollar development budgets.

Year 2021

We already know what we do and we like it very much. We find ourselves in the topics and needs of eCommerce market. Our team consists of specialists spread all over Poland. In PrestaShow you can find 35 professional modules for online stores based on PrestaShop. The methodology of communication and remote work, which we have developed over nearly a decade, also allows our clients to develop their skills in business, online sales and remote communication. We work conveniently for everyone.

We invest in technology - we release over 20 updates and new versions of modules every month. Each module evolves in proportion to market demand to help you sell more effectively and conveniently.

Stores that have chosen our modules also benefit from our programming and analytical support. For convenient after-sales communication and support, we provide a convenient and secure HelpDesk connected to the store and the following systems: 1-click update and auto-backup.

For agencies and freelancers interested in cooperation, we have launched a Partnership Program, which helps to conveniently implement our modules at preferred prices.

Us and Ecommerce after 2022

Dreams are the spark that materializes the world around us. We have ideas that we execute with vision and commitment. Ecommerce is an innovation and a great investment for us. The added value we can bring to this market gives us satisfaction and drives us to action.

In the coming time we will surprise you with tools that will allow you to introduce industries to Ecommerce on your own, which have not had much to do with the Internet so far.

How about... Convenient and independently operating Cross-sell and Upsell - a real one, known from the largest sales portals. Or maybe a module for local deliveries on your own? Or multi-warehouse management of products managed directly from PrestaShop?

Since 2020, a small team has been working to integrate PrestaShop with stationary stores and the restaurant and food industry. We will liberate restaurateurs by providing them with an ultra-professional and friendly tool to manage their online food sales.

For dessert, we will show the World something completely innovative: the PLANTER sensory plant growing system...

You set the goals and we find the way to achieve them.

Visit our Facebook and Instagram so that we do not miss your presence :-)

Artur Dobrzynski@CEO

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