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PrestaShop Modules thats fall in love with your store

Welcome to the World of PrestaShop!

In layersshow.com Software House we have been working with eCommerce for over 10 years. During this time, we have created our own product – PrestaShow, which is on the market since 2014. In PrestaShow we are delivering ready to use, modules solutions, for internet shops running on PrestaShop. In stock, we have 24 modules to offer and we are constantly creating new ones. We are focusing on complexity of our solutions, delivering a maximum level of functionality with every one of them. Most of our modules can compete against a dozen of similar modules available on the market.

In the year 2018 we have established international sales (which is now about 25% of total sales traffic). Year 2019 brought three unique solutions, allowing shops to integrate with wholesalers and dropship customers. We have also delivered a module for precise and lossless eCommerce analysis as well as a few other solutions making it easier and more efficient - it help with manage SEO content and value, additionally improving UX of stores.

We are relying on automation: ranging from commercials through integrations and analysis all the way to billing and invoicing. As well as all the above, we also automate service and development our modules, so working with them requires as little clicks as possible, still achieving set goals and keeping our customers happy and satisfied. Thanks to this we are releasing up to 50 updates and new versions every month. PrestaShow required creating a HelpDesk specifically to take the 95% load off the telephone lines and emails, module licensing system and user-friendly system of 1-click updates. Those elements have set the standards for our competitors on the market, even though some of them are on the market since way before PrestaShow.  

We are opening our shop for non-union developers. We have specially created PrestaShow Partner Program, thanks to which, programmers, implementation specialists and software-houses are able to sell and recommend their own solutions, together, while having direct insight into sales amounts and values.

For the year 2020 we are planning to advance further with solutions using API, Marketplace development all while building trust amongst our clients, partners and co-workers as well as expanding our knowledge base.

Our fundamental capabilities are based on our modules and they are propelling the advancement of the services offered. Very often, individual orders are financing module expansion, while Software House receives an order for implementation and constantly-available support, known for its reliability and high-quality of service.

In our projects we don’t settle for the ordinary solutions, we harmonize details, create reliability chain, automize data circulation, create new tools and deeply analyse. 

You dictate the target, we find the way to reach it.

Welcome, to PrestaShow!