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    Configuration of Google analytical tools and services

    Precise implementation of all necessary tools

    Start your eCommerce adventure with correct integration and reliable collection of analytical data.

    Subsequent analysis of the collected statistics may prove indispensable for you and the agencies with which you will establish cooperation related to advertising and SEO.

    • Google API
    • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
    • DataLayer + configuration of tags and events
    • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
    • Google Ads and remarketing
    • Google Consent Mode v2

    All enhancements for Google Analytics 4

    The configuration service includes all tools and enhancements related to Google GA4 and Ads.

    Configuration of Google tools in combination with Google Integrator module is a guarantee of precise and lossless data collection for analytics, advertising and remarketing.

    Google Integrator module uses Google API. Correct configuration of API and DataLayer is a guarantee that all traffic and sales data will be transferred from your store losslessly - with a guarantee of transferring 100% of conversions and data for remarketing.

    With the correct configuration of Google tools, you will collect all relevant data in an orderly way, avoiding gaps and duplicates.


    For the implementation of this service you need the Google Integrator module in the latest version. If you are using the module in the old version, activate access to the upgrade here.

    Viewthe module

    Implementation within 7 days

    We configure, test, optimize

    1. Order Google account configuration service
    2. If you do not have the module - order Google Integrator module
    3. After ordering, open a request on HelpDesk.
    4. On HelpDesk we will lead the necessary work.
    5. The service will be implemented within 7 working days.
    6. You will receive a 30-day warranty for the service.
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    Rewelacyjny moduł i usługa. Dane analityczne w GA4 niezwykle precyzyjne. Agencja od reklam w Ads zadowolona. Wdrożenie w ciągu 2 dni. Polecamy.
    Wdrożenie kompletne i wykonanie profesjonalnie. Polecam zakup razem z modułem Google Integrator 4.
    Justyna S
    Na realizacje helpdesk czekaliśmy 5 dni. Z modułu i konfiguracji korzystamy od tygodnia. Konwersja przekazywana, jak należy. Polecam :-)

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