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    PrestaShop Audit

    Professional analysis of your store

    Hundreds of parameters have a direct impact on the stability of the quality and speed of your PrestaShop store.

    For whom?

    • If your store is not getting organic traffic and has low search engine rankings.
    • If you are having problems with slow store and server performance or are getting poor results in performance tests.
    • If your store has bugs, SEO issues or shopping path blockers.

    What will you gain?

    • Our audit will provide you with values that can make your store fast, technologically correct and ready to handle a lot of traffic.
    • You will provide yourself and your customers with a much better experience when using your store.

    Why this price?

    • The price of the audit is the resulting 3 days of specialist work with your server, store, template and modules.

    What will you receive as part of the PrestaShop audit?

    Problems, errors, slowdowns and opportunities


    You will receive the audit in a PDF document.

    Our PrestaShop Audit service is the result of a decade of experience in the eCommerce industry, perfect knowledge of the PrestaShop engine and know-how related to server administration and SEO.

    • For each problem found, you will receive specific recommendations to solve the problem.
    • Technical description of the state of your store and server.
    • We list the problems, bugs and slowdowns found in the Front and Back Office. We provide specific examples, links and screenshots.
    • We point out missed opportunities that your store can take advantage of.
    • Audit turnaround time: up to 10 business days.

    What does a PrestaShop Audit consist of?

    The analysis we will perform on your store

    We test the store on many levels

    An experienced programmer will analyze key elements of your store, modules, server and database.

    • Analysis of the desktop version
    • Analysis of the mobile version
    • Analysis of the administration panel
    • Analysis of customer purchase paths

    Server and its components

    If you are using a dedicated server running Linux - we will check the status of key system components.


    Analysis of indexes, cleaning from unnecessary entries, correctness of tables check tables and indexing of the database.

    Google Search Console

    We examine the errors that Google indicates and price their repair.


    The number and quality of core-database queries and the size of the responses sent.


    Cache of queries to the database from modules, analysis of installed modules, cache of filters and search engine.

    Graphics and images

    Format and size of images, Lazy Load, linking, loading delay.


    Optimization of scripts, integrations with external portals, pixels, tags....

    Store code

    Store source code quality and errors, quality of overrides and modules.

    Unnecessary components

    Analysis of unused scripts and template components, e.g. class, fonts.


    Update PrestaShop, installed modules, PHP version, database and server components.

    Performance tests

    Errors generated in performance tests such as Page Speed, Lighthouse GTMetrix affect the SEO quality of your store.

    Load tests

    We simulate heavy traffic on your store to estimate the capabilities of your store and server.

    Implement Recommendations

    Your experience with PrestaShop will be improved

    If you choose to implement the recommendations from the audit with us, we guarantee that your, your customers' and your employees' experience will improve.

    Your store will score high in tests such as Page Speed, Lighthouse and GTMetrix.

    Each click and browse through your store will take less time. A faster store means higher conversions.

    Your store will be ranked higher by Google. Speed and security will be improved.


    If you decide to implement the complete recommendations from the audit by our team, you will receive a 10% discount. Ask about the implementation discount after you receive the audit!

    How to order PrestaShop Audit?

    Order the service and contact us

    1. After purchasing the service, open a ticket at helpdesk.prestashow.pl.
    2. Describe your experience with the operation of your store and server.
    3. Indicate the elements and operations that we should pay special attention to.
    4. If your store uses non-standard solutions, prepare a detailed description of them.

    Note that the audit covers the store, installed modules and server. If your store uses extensive modifications and external integrations, the cost of the audit may change. Inform us about the details in your application.

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    Bardzo wartościowy i kompletny audyt, nakreślający kierunek prac na kolejne tygodnie. Polecamy.
    Agata S
    Dokładnie tak wyobrażałam sobie ten audyt! Szybko, profesjonalnie, z dużą ilością szczegółów co warto poprawić. Zainwestowane pieniądze szybko się zwróciły, a co najważniejsze - nasi Klienci mają do dyspozycji jeszcze szybszy i bardziej intuicyjny sklep, co dla nich zwiększa satysfakcję, a nam rośnie liczba zamówień :)
    Błędy i problemy precyzyjnie wskazane i wyjaśnione. Ilość włożonej pracy ogromna. Doświadczenie bije po oczach. W tej cenie jest to złoto, godne polecenia każdemu wlasicicelowi Presty.
    Audyt zrealizowany rzetelnie. Otrzymaliśmy 12-stronny PDF z opisem, przykładami, screenshotami i rekomendacjami dla sklepu, modułów, szablonu oraz serwera. Pracownik z Prestashow rozwiał wszystkie wątpliwości. Mocno profesjonalna usługa.

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