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Constant technical support and access to modules updates

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Works with PrestaShop: 1.5 1.6 1.7
You can use the purchased module in your store without any time limits. 3-month access to 1-click updates and HelpDesk are included in module pric. You can extend it at any time. Access to support and updates cover ALL modules purchased in our store.
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We guarantee the correct operation of our modules. The purchased module includes a 3-month warranty in the form of access to fast technical support and access to module updates. In case of problems or questions you will be able to take advantage of quick help, and issued corrections and improvements will enter the store with one click.

Post-warranty support

You can extend access to updates and fast technical support at any time. Discuss, report bugs and suggestions or simply update the modules to the latest versions. Ensure access to updates and the safest versions of purchased modules. The purchase of this product will extend from the date of purchase the period of access to hlepdesk.prestashow.pl and the 1-click update for the time resulting from the purchased option.


You get 1-click updates

PrestaShow modules have a convenient system of automatic 1-click updates. With one click you will update modules directly in your store. The module informs about a new version. Directly in the module you will learn about the changes (changelog) introduced by the new version. It is worth using the updates - they introduce corrections and new features. Thanks to the access to free updates you can guarantee the latest, the safest and the fastest versions of PrestaShow modules.

You get extended warranty and HelpDesk access

Using our HelpDesk support panel helpdesk.prestashow.pl, we guarantee our response in no more than 72 hours. At HelpDesk, you will receive technical and substantive support related to PrestaShow modules. Amendments to the reported comments you update with a 1-click *

* Technical support at HelpDesk includes repairs of our modules and help with usage. Support do not guarantee free programming support in your store / on your server. Technical and programming tasks in your store (if needed) we can price and it will be an additional cost.

2019-08-02 | Arkadiusz Bocian

Fakt, inni wsparcia i aktualizacji płatnych nie majo, ale to dlatego, że nie rozwijają modułów, a wsparcie to czekanina idącą w tygodnie (konkurencja zagraniczna wiedzie tu prym...). Miałem obawy, ale przekonaliscie mnie, ze warto :)
Na helpdesku można też zlecać prace przy sklepie, więc warto sprawić sobie dostęp do Was :) Polecam:)

2019-07-11 | Andreea Zalau

Thanks for support. Really good job & timing! Greetings from Romania

2019-04-24 | Paweł Kostek

Warto mieć dostęp do wsparcia - jeszcze nigdy nie byłem bez odpowiedzi czy reakcji. Często zamawiamy też prace na naszym multistore - realizacja w tempie i na poziomie (nasz informatyk robił code review). Polecam.

2019-04-16 | prestashow.pl

Wojciech, dostęp do wsparcia i aktualizacji obejmuje WSZYSTKIE moduły, jakie masz na swoim koncie :-)

2019-03-14 | Wojciech Polkowski

HelpDesk działa szybko. Średni czas odpowiedzi kilka godzin lub na drugi dzień. Na poprawę większych zgłoszeń czekałem 3-5 dni. W porównaniu do konkurencji wypadacie na piątkę z plusem. Planuje jeszcze zakup modułu do faktur. Każdy moduł ma swoje własne wsparcie? Czy jedno wsparcie obejmuje wszystkie moduły?

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
DO YOU KNOW that this tabs was mass generated by our Magic Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html

Updates of PrestaShow modules

Module price include 3 months of free updates

Our module has a convenient 1-click update system. In the Back-office our modules inform about the updates availability. With 1-click you will update the module in your store to the latest version.

By using the updates, you get regular access to patches, improvements and new features.

Support and warranty

Module price include 3 months guarantee and support

You can use the free help in installing the modules at any time.

helpdesk.prestashow.pl panel is available directly in the module. HelpDesk provide you technical support related to the usafge of our modules. We guarantee response time <72 hours. Reported wishes, corrections and news * you will update to your store with a 1-click update.

* We reserved rights to implement only selected wishes.

Extend at any time

You can use purchased module in one store without time limits

If your support expires, you can extend it at any time by purchasing one of the available packages. The purchase of the package will automatically activate and extend your access to the HelpDesk and to Updates in modules installed in your store.

Do you know? This tabs was mass generated by our Extra Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html
  • All our modules you could test with no-limits in the demo store
  • Each of our modules works and looks almost the same in every version of PrestaShop with which it works
  • The demo store will be generated only for you
  • In demo store our modules you'll find in PrestaShow Modules tab in the left menu
  • WARNING! The demo store will be automatically removed after 72 hours from the last activity in it


Back-office login & password: demo@prestashow.pl

you will be able to change language thru Profile Edit (right top corner)


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