PrestaShop Lazy Load & Optimize Photos and Images

Works with PrestaShop: 1.5 1.6 1.7  
This module increases loading speed of PrestaShop - it allows you to use the lazyload technique for product images and photos in the entire online store: in the content of all textual widgets, descriptions, CMS site or Blog pages. Accelerate your store on mobile devices and increase its SEO value!
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Research shows that 40% of users leave selected websites, if their time of loading takes more than 3 seconds.

Your page is loading too slow? Our module will solve this problem!

The most part of the time that passes when your site loads, is absorbed by images. If you add many photos to your content, each of them will extend the page load time. One of the ways to deal with this situation is to optimize images and use solutions such as Lazy Load. Our module allows users to quickly and easily browse your site. You will also save server bandwidth because images (all images in the entire site - photos of products, categories, images in CMS, Blog or product description, etc.) will not be loaded into the browser until the user scroll the screen to them.

How does PrestaShop Lazy Load & Optimize Images work?

The operation of the PrestaShop Lazy Load & Optimize Images module is based on the lazyload technique, which downloads only the images currently in the browser window. All other images are replaced with a "replacement image", which you can upload in the panel or choose one from the liblary in the module. Images will be loaded when users browse them by scrolling the page. Thanks to this, you will increase the speed of the website and reduce the data transmission for mobile devices. The module complies with the requirements of SEO and good Google practices (Page Speed).

All your images will be visible to online robots. Link to photos and images is still visible in the page code. Thanks to this, you will not lose valuable links and items eg in Google Images.

Our module has been prepared in accordance with good SEO practices by Google and in a visible and significant way affects the results of tests such as Google Page Speed ​​and GTMetrix.

The Lazy Load Images module enables:

  • loading all images only when they appear on the screen
  • improved ranking on Google Page Speed and GTMetrizx
  • reduction of data transmission for mobile devices - images are loading when you use the page scrolling
  • improving server performance
  • compliance with SEO standards - links are always included in the page's code
  • sending your own image that will be used as a "background image"

All you need to do is to install the module and upload your own placeholder image or use the image library in the module. PShowLazyImg will do the rest for you.


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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
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