• PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop Images Optimizer - WebP & Lazy Load
  • PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optimize photos and images
  • PrestaShop Images Optimizer - WebP & Lazy Load

    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: pshowlazyimg
    • Reduce the time to full website interactivity
    • Convert photos to lightweight WebP format
    • Improving the result of Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and GTMetrix
    • Accelerated loading of the mobile page by up to +20 points!
    • Optimization of all photos on the site - galleries, blogs, CMS pages, banners, product descriptions
    • Compliant with SEO Google guidelines
    Support access With the module, you get 3-month access to support and modules updates. You can extend this access at any time. Access and updates cover all modules in your account.
    Services and extensions
    You can install the modules yourself in PrestaShop standard way. You can also use the installation service. To do this, open a ticket at helpdesk.prestashow.pl.

    83,81 EUR net
    103,09 EUR gross

    PrestaShop & WebP

    WebP is an image compression format developed by Google. WebP with a smaller size up to 85% maintains comparable image quality with the JPEG format. This format is promoted by Google and is increasingly used on the Internet. By using the WebP format you will achieve higher results in Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and GTMetrix.

    Convert product photos to WebP format

    Our module will optimize all graphics in your store. This will have a positive effect on the loading speed, server performance, results in performance tests and user experience while surfing your store.

    We used (2021) latest available technologies to optimize photos for the internet browsers. Our module will save a huge amount of data, will not overload your server and will shorten the load time on mobile devices and computers.

    The module converts to WebP all photos in your store:

    • Product photos, photos on product lists and product descriptions
    • Pictures on CMS pages, home page, contact page, etc.
    • Photos displayed by external modules such as blogs, albums and galleries, banners and sliders.

    Module will start generating graphics in the WebP format in the background when they are first loaded by your customers' browsers. Thanks to this, the module does not overload server with long-term operations in the process of generating WebP and during their future use.

    1. All new photos you upload in JPEG or PNG will be converted to WebP on the fly.
    2. All photos already in your store will be converted to WebP on they first load.

    The module detects newly added products, changes in products photos and deletion of photos and takes care of order in the graphics files on the server. 

    PrestaShop & Lazy Load

    To reduce the time to full interactivity of the website you will be able to take advantage of lazy loading. This ensures that all key assets will be loaded first, and then images outside of the visible screen. Images outside of the screen will not be loaded until the user scrolls to them and sees them on the screen. Thanks to this, you will increase the speed to full interactivity and reduce data transmission for mobile devices with an Internet limit or a slow connection. Thanks to the module, the server will not load items that the client will not scroll to see.

    While loading, the picture objects keep their original size. The module does not generate page jumps during its loading and does not show show another graphics. Tests prove that empty, white spaces look good, do not distract the buyer and reduce bounce rates.

    SEO friendly

    Your pictures will be visible to internet robots. URL links to photos and images are still in the code of the page even if images are not loaded by broweser. Our module has been prepared in accordance with good SEO practices according to Google guidelines and will positively affect the results of Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and GTMetrix tests of your PrestaShop store.

    Install and use

    Install the module and enable conversions to WebP and Lazy Load formats. The module does not require complicated configuration. We have fully automated the operation of solutions optimizing graphics and photos for eCommerce.

    Maximum acceleration thanks to modern solutions

    Rys. 1 Results proof for Google Page Speed Desktop test after module installation. The results achieved depend on many variables, including server performance and load, as well as the optimization of the core and PrestaShop modules.

    Server library for handling WebP. In order for our module and conversion to WebP to work efficiently and as quickly as possible, one of the following extensions must be installed on your server. Make sure your hosting supports any of these:

    • cwebp
    • ffmpeg
    • vips
    • imagick
    • gmagick
    • imagickbinary
    • gmagickbinary
    • gd

    Type of server. The module works with any Apache server. To support other web servers (e.g. nginx), you should translate commands in the .htaccess file generated by our module and adjust them to the configuration of your server. You can order this service after purchasing the module by opening a request at helpdesk.prestashow.pl.

    Additional requirements. The module requires Friendly URLs to work.

    WebP is supported by the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, GNOME Web, Midori, Falkon, Pale Moon and Waterfox.

    If the client's browser does not support the WebP format, the module will display original jpeg / png images.

    CloudFlare making no problems in cooperation with our module.

    In the photo gallery you will find a comparison of Google Page Speed ​​results before and after module installation.

    Changelog days ago)

    v2.7 - 2021.05.10
    * you can set whether the module should use tag for faster loading of webp graphics
    * fixed small bugs

    v2.6 - 2021.04.27
    * module has been optimized for best performance
    * product images can be converted using cron task or manually by url
    * all images will be dynamically converted to webp during first load
    * from now clearing shop cache will not remove webp images
    * images in webp format are now stored next to the original files
    * removed lazy load with low resolution placeholder (due to lower performance)
    * removed lazy load with shop logo as placeholder (due to lower performance)

    v2.5 - 2020.03.27
    * fixed bugs

    v2.4 - 2020.03.27
    * improved WebP conversion
    * fixed bugs

    v2.3 - 2020.03.12
    * from now module support converting images to WebP format on-the-fly

    v2.2 - 2019.07.25
    * in case of error, try to lazy load without placeholder

    v2.1 - 2019.07.24
    * improved placeholder generator
    * errors will be logged in /var/logs/*_pshowlazyimg.log
    * other small fixes

    v2.0 - 2019.07.18
    * changed way of loading images

    v1.14 - 2019.03.08
    * fixed a problem with replacing urls for photos with null
    * fixed a problem with update of module

    v1.13 - 2019.01.29
    * bugs fixes

    v1.12 - 2019.01.18
    * shop logo as default loading image
    * fix for dynamically loaded content

    v1.11 - 2019.01.02
    * bugs fixes

    v1.1 - 2019.01.01
    * simplified photos uploading
    * added translations
    * added the ability to upload own loading pictures
    * bugs fixes

    * first version of the module
    2021-08-16 Bogusław

    Dzień dobry,

    dwóch moich klientów jest zainteresowanych uruchomieniem WebP w sklepach proszę o informację w zakresie modułu:
    PrestaShop WebP & Lazy Load - optymalizacja obrazków i zdjęć

    1, Czy moduł jest zgodny z multisore?

    2. Czy będzie działał z serwerem LiteSpeed?

    3. Czy w przypadku jednego sklepu z kilkoma domenami obowiązuje ta sama cena (multistore)

    4. Czy istnieje możliwość przetestowania na sklepie (wersja demo) lub ewentualnie zwrotu do 14 dni (chodzi o zgodność z serwerem/szablonem/modułami)?

    Bardzo proszę o odpowiedź.


    Bogusław Kobie

    2021-07-01 Agnieszka Sz

    Mierzalne przyśpieszenie sklepu to fakt :-) Polecam

    2021-06-14 Alan

    Really good module. I'm sing it in 4 stores. Scores gain +12-23 points in tests. THANKS!

    2021-06-02 Arek

    Po raz pierwszy doświadczylem modułu, który działa od razu i tak dobrze! Pełne uznanie dla PrestaShow! :ok:

    2021-04-30 Szymon W

    Po aktualizacji problemy modułu zniknęły. Wyniki mobile z 69 na 80 komputery z82 na 96. POLECAM!!!!!!

    2021-02-24 Olgierd W

    Polecam -wyniki w gtmetix poprawiły się

    2020-04-14 Kostas

    Work good but make sure you have installed one of mentioned extensions on your server if you want to use webp format.

    2020-04-08 Manuel Ortiz


    2020-03-30 Andrzej Kula

    Dziękuję za ustawienie serwera. To on był u nas problemem.

    2020-03-19 Artur Kuśmierz

    Efekt podobny z 67 na 81. Dobry moduł

    2020-03-16 Katherine

    great module: webp + 12 point, lazy load + 7 points page speed

    2019-10-02 Robert Goth

    Moduł robi co ma robić. Wynik page speed desktop 72 do 81, mobile 44 do 55. Polecam.

    2019-08-20 prestashow.pl

    Wide Print - najszybsza metoda dla czasu ładowania sklepu to "Load lazily without placeholder". Dla zdjęć i obrazków możesz wybrać jedną z następujących metod:

    1. Load normally (ładowanie bez lazyload)
    2. Load lazily without placeholder (fastest) (lazyload bez obrazka zastępczego)
    3. Load lazily and use original image with low resolution as placeholder (looks nice) (lazyload z powolnym ładowaniem)
    4. Load lazily and use shop logo with low resolution as placeholder (compromise between options 2 and 3) (lazyload z obrazkiem-zaślepką)

    2019-08-09 Wide Print

    Po ostatniej aktualizacji można ustawić metodę lazyload dla zdjęć produktów i dla pozostałych zdjęć w sklepie niezależnie. Która metoda jest najlepsza dla tych zdjęć?

    2019-07-19 Anna Snopek

    Moduł działa po prostu dobrze, dokładniej, strona w trakcie ładowania wygląda ładnie. Dzięki!

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    Technical requirements
    • PHP >= 7.1. We recommend PHP 7.3 for maximum performance and security
    • IonCube extension
    • Nginx or Apache server
    • MySQL > = 5
    • Optional extensions for performance optimization: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc
    • PShowImporter module only: required PHP extension libxml in version > 2.9.3

    More about requirements and benefits from it you could read in our Knowledge Base.

    Technical support that works
    This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

    Together with the module, you get 3-month access to support and updates. If your support period expires, you will be able to continue using the module. You can reactivate access to support and updates at any time - see available packages.

    Support helpdesk.prestashow.pl

    • Help in installing and using our modules.
    • Guarantee of correct operation of the module in your store.
    • Possibility of paid extension and adaptation of modules to your needs.
    • On HelpDesk you can order any programming and optimization work for your store and server.
    • Additional works are priced in advance and implemented due the agreed date.
    • We process 67% of HelpDesk requests in less than 24 hours.

    Modules updates

    • The latest solutions and security fixes.
    • Work with the latest version of PrestaShop and PHP.
    • The modules will inform you about available updates and news in back-office.
    • You can update the module with 1-click.
    • Before updating, the module backup its files. In case of any problems, you can quickly restore previous version of module and contact us for help.
    Test demo


    • You could frelley test this module at our demo store: demo.presta.show
    • You could change back-office language to EN, DE, FR, ES, IT and PL in header demo-store-menu
    • Our modules are translated to ENGLISH and POLISH
    • Generated demo will be auto-deleted after 48 hours.
    License to use PrestaShow modules
    This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

    Detailed information about the licenses of our modules you will find on this page. Below we describe the most important information regarding the use of our modules and license:

    • You can use the module without any time limits in one store: 1 module = 1 license = 1 domain.
    • You can assign the module to the domain yourself after logging in to My Account in our store
    • You can also use the module in the test store: dev.domain.com, test.domain.com or beta.domain.com.
    • It is possible to change the domain for your license. For this purpose, please contact us at kontakt@prestashow.pl
    • You can modify the source code of the modules in tpl and css files. Modification of the engine (core) of the module is associated with the loss of warranty.
    • You can restore the warranty by installing the unmodified version of the module downloaded from My Account.
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