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Banners Manager: tag products, slider, POP-UPs

10 reviews
Works with PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7

Stop using multiple modules to put sliders, banners or POP-UPs in your PrestaShop. Save time and use one module for all of these! Our module will allow you to create any number of banners, tag products on them and put anywhere you want in your store!

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Extend HelpDesk and Updates access:   You can use the purchased module in your store without any time limits. 3-month a ccess to 1-click updates and HelpDesk are included in module pric. You can extend it at any time. Access to support and updates cover ALL modules purchased in our store.
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You can install the PRESTASHOW modules in your store yourself. You can also use our help. We guarantee the operation of our modules, therefore the installation of purchased modules is free. 

Create graphics, banners, sliders, POP-UPs with one module! Place your banners in anyplace of your store. Browse statistics of clicks, create beautiful compositions with graphics, text and marked products.

PrestaShop banners manager

Forget about many modules for POP-UP support, slider on the main page or banner on the product page. PrestaShow module is a complex solution that will allow you to manage all popular banners format and build your own creations in the entire store. Discover the opportunities w've created to help improve communication in your store.

A wide selection of presentations

With our module you will create the most popular banner display formats. Available formats:

  • Single banner
  • Scrolled slider with banners
  • POP-UP
  • Own RWD project - create your own compositions of any layout and size, e.g. 3x3, 4x2, 6x2 ...

Tag products

Click anywhere on the banner and select the product you want to tag. Create interactive scenes that allow customers to go from a banner to a specific product! Furniture sets, clothing collections, many products on one graphic - use the rich possibilities of our module

Place content on the banners

You will be able to add any content using CMS editor. Your banners will be interactive, clickable and will positively affect the SEO quality. Add H1 and H2 headers, colors, links. No limits!

Good looking on Mobile and Dekstop

Module is resposive. You can separate created banner to appear only on your Desktop or just on Mobile. Our module detects from where your customers comes and displays selected banner, slider or POP-UP window.

SEO friendly

All banners are SEO friendly - they are not treated by Google as advertising, but as part of the store. In addition, advertisements with CMS content can be read by web crawlers. It's the perfect place to put content in H1, H2 tags, etc. Creatives are not blocked by ad blockers.

Place banners anywhere you want


At list of banners you will find statistics of views and clicks, thanks to which you can check which creations generate the commitment of your customers.

--- Below we present the detailed settings of the module

Configuration and construction of the module

Creating a new banner

  • Name
  • Type of banner: Single / random picture, Slider with banners, POP-UP, Advanced Layout
  • Width and height of the ad or Automatic Adjustment to the screen size
  • URL link + "Do you want to open in a new window?"
  • Date of automatic activation and deactivation
  • HTML / CSS code before and after the advertising DIV (this means that any creative you create will be able to freely set up, give it any class or id value or add a JS action)
  • Select the pictures for the banner, set their order
  • Add your own content (CMS WYSWIG)
  • Mark products
  • Places to display:
  • Only Desktop / Only Mobile / Both
    • Store languages
    • Display on all pages
    • Display only on the home page
    • Display in the cart
    • Display on the contact page
    • Selection of product categories
    • Selection of products
    • Selection of CMS pages
    • Selection of Hooks

POP-UP configuration

  • show only once
  • show after each cleaning of cookies
  • show every X seconds
  • show what the page is reloading

Configuration ointeractions for touch devices and animations

  • The effects of scrolling banners in the slider
  • Touch mode for scrolling the slides
  • Pager (1, 2, 3 ...) in the slider
  • Control arrows on the slider
  • Automatic scrolling of banners in the slider
  • Slide transition time
  • Slide display time
  • Auto start after page loading
  • Stop scrolling on the mouse cursor

Moreover, the module offers

  • Creating backup of the module files - in any time and before module update.
  • The module includes a detailed module usage manual inside module
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions of new aspects by using HelpDesk that is connected with module — now you can be sure you will get a quick response to your comments!
  • Easy to use 1-click module update
  • Warranty and Update access - check tab Support and Updates

2019-07-26 | Wojciech WProjekt

Wygodny w obsłudze, bogata konfiguracja, instalacja bez problemów. polecam

2019-05-07 | Karolina

Wykorzystujemy banery z możliwością oznaczania produktów, jednak opcji jest dużo więcej :-)

2019-03-22 | Tomek Radzikowski

Prestashow tak jak obiecałem, piszę :-) Po aktualizacji ten moduł powinien być na wyposażeniu standardowym Presty. Oznaczanie produktów i nowe formaty robia robotę!!!

2018-10-28 | Anton

Hello PrestaShow! I replaced two other modules (popup on main page and slider) with your. Keep doing modules like this one :)

2018-10-03 | prestashow.pl

Kamil, Łukasz
Zmienialiśmy infrastrukturę serwerową - ze sklepami demo.prestashow.pl powinno być już wszystko OK. Dzięki za czujność! :)

2018-09-06 | Kamil

w sklepie demo nie da się niczego przetestować ponieważ ustawienia modułu są zablokowane.

2018-08-28 | Łukasz

Nie działa sklep demo, tzn. działa panel admin, ale po wejściu na front-end pojawia się tylko komunikat works good!

2018-08-28 | Łukasz

Nie działa sklep demo, tzn. działa panel admin, ale po wejściu na front-end pojawia się tylko komunikat works good!

2016-06-14 | prestashow.pl

demo: http://demo.prestashow.pl

2016-04-19 | neufbijoux.com

Moduł bardzo łatwy w obsłudze. Można dodać baner czy jakąkolwiek grafike w dowolnym miejscu w sklepie, co bardzo ułatwia pracę ze sklepem. Ma dużo więcej opcji, ale jeszcze się z nimi nie zapoznaliśmy. 5/5, polecam :-)

2016-04-08 | lapandalovefabrics.fr

Love it!! I fully commend it to all PrestaShop users!

2016-04-07 | ArtGallery Denmark

Awesome module! Do the same and more compared to 3 modules I used before! Great module and support! ArtGallery Denmark

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
DO YOU KNOW that this tabs was mass generated by our Magic Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html

Updates of PrestaShow modules

Module price include 3 months of free updates

Our module has a convenient 1-click update system. In the Back-office our modules inform about the updates availability. With 1-click you will update the module in your store to the latest version.

By using the updates, you get regular access to patches, improvements and new features.

Support and warranty

Module price include 3 months guarantee and support

You can use the free help in installing the modules at any time.

helpdesk.prestashow.pl panel is available directly in the module. HelpDesk provide you technical support related to the usafge of our modules. We guarantee response time <72 hours. Reported wishes, corrections and news * you will update to your store with a 1-click update.

* We reserved rights to implement only selected wishes.

Extend at any time

You can use purchased module in one store without time limits

If your support expires, you can extend it at any time by purchasing one of the available packages. The purchase of the package will automatically activate and extend your access to the HelpDesk and to Updates in modules installed in your store.

Do you know? This tabs was mass generated by our Extra Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html
  • All our modules you could test with no-limits in the demo store
  • Each of our modules works and looks almost the same in every version of PrestaShop with which it works
  • The demo store will be generated only for you
  • In demo store our modules you'll find in PrestaShow Modules tab in the left menu
  • WARNING! The demo store will be automatically removed after 72 hours from the last activity in it


Back-office login & password: demo@prestashow.pl

you will be able to change language thru Profile Edit (right top corner)


Change Back-Office language to English:


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