• PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty points
  • PrestaShop Loyalty Program Pro

    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: PShowLoyaltyProgram
    • Engage customers for next orders - offer points and coupons for next orders
    • Create point promotions that encourage larger purchases
    • A boutique where your customers can exchange points for promotional products
    • Information about points on the product page, in the cart and in the order
    • Extra points for subscribing to the newsletter
    • Welcome points for account create
    • Extra points added manually
    • Flexible and easy configuration
    Support access For each purchased module, you always get 3-months of free HelpDesk Support and access to 1-click modules updates You can extend access to HelpDesk and module updates at any time Active Support covers all modules available in your account
    Zalecana usługa
    This module requires manual override install during installation. If you are not an advanced user, we suggest to purchase the module with the installation service.

    Services and extensions
    The extension allows you to use the module in multiple stores when you have multi-store mode active.

    120,59 EUR net
    148,33 EUR gross

      PrestaShop loyalty program - points for purchase

      Your customers will come back for more purchases if they have points, promotional products or a discount voucher that they received for previous orders. Configure points for products match, set the conversion rate for exchanging points for a discount voucher and set prices in points for promotional products and ... let the magic happen.

      Flexible configuration

      The products have different margins. The higher the margin, the more points you can offer the customer. Points to be obtained for the purchase of products can be configured massively for the entire catalog and individually, according to categories, manufacturers or a single product.

      Then set the conversion factor, e.g. 2 points for every $1 spent.

      Your Customer will find information about points on the product page and in the shopping cart. The collected points can be exchanged by the customer for a discount code that will be used for the next order.

      Encourage your customers to buy more

      Flexible configuration of the module will allow you to create rules for calculating points in any way. You will be able to create promotions such as "2x more points for purchases from category X" or "Buy 2 products and your points will be multiplied x2".

      Happy to use for customers

      Information about points that customer will earn for purchases can be displayed in the following places in your store:

      • On the product page,
      • In the shopping cart,
      • On the order page,
      • Wherever you want - use {tags} to display information about the program and points in template .tpl files and directly in product descriptions.

      In My Account, the module adds the "Loyalty program" tab. The customer will find there a list of orders along with the points gained. Customer can mark selected orders and exchange points for a discount voucher. Points from orders that will be exchanged for a discount voucher will be marked as settled and will least on the list for archival purposes.

      Boutique - redeem points for prizes

      The Boutique is a subpage of your store with products. This subapge could be avaialalble only for for your registred, loyal customers. Choose products from your catalog that will appear in the 'Boutique'. Give their prices in points. Your customers will be able to exchange the collected points for products from the Boutique.

      • Boutique products are added to the basket and ordered with a classic order.
      • In the boutique you can have products with combinations, you can enter a value in points for each combination.
      • The customer can have both: classic products and products for points from the boutique in the basket.
      • You can turn off the boutique - then the customer could only exchange collected points for a discount voucher.

      Extra points for subscribing to the newsletter

      If you enable this option, your customers will receive additional points after subscribing to the newsletter. You can configure points qty in the settings.

      • The module will detect the subscription to the newsletter and will automatically count the points.
      • The PShowLoyalty module works with the default, native PrestaShop newsletter module.
      • The module will not count points repeatedly if the customer unsubscribes and subscribes to the newsletter again.

      Extra points for creating an account

      Creating an account in the store will be rewarded with welcome points in the loyalty program. This is one of the examples of scenarios that you can use our module in promoting your store.

      Extra points added manually

      Manually add extra points to your customers' account. This way, you can appreciate the loyalty or mitigate the problem. You can describe your points with a note that will be visible in the points history in My Client Account and in the points history in the module.

      Email notifications

      Configure email notifications due to points revards and points exchange possibilities. 

      Convenient to manage

      The module logs all operations of calculating points and exchanging them for discount codes. Details of each operation can be found in the module configuration. In the module you will find a configuration such as:

      • Whether points are to be calculated on the net / gross amount of products
      • Order statuses for which points will be added automatically to the customer's account
      • The content of the welcome page in the Loyalty Program tab in My Client Account

      Soon in the module

      • Points for the feedback and comments
      • Integration of a shared point account with the PShowReferrers module

      v1.37 - 2022.01.10
      * bug fixes

      v1.36 - 2021.12.21
      * full support for multistore

      v1.35 - 2021.12.12
      * access to "product marketplace" for users who are not logged in

      v1.34 - 2021.11.19
      * email notifications

      v1.33 - 2021.10.29
      * bug fixes

      v1.32 - 2021.10.28
      * options to get a product for the equivalent of X $ + X points

      v1.31 - 2021.10.15
      * adaptation to Prestashop 1.6

      v1.30 - 2021.09.13
      * bug fixes

      v1.29 - 2021.08.02
      * bug fixes

      v1.28 - 2021.07.27
      * support for combinations (exchanging points on the product page)
      * new option - allow points to be accumulated before the terms of use are approved

      v1.27 - 2021.07.04
      * option to set voucher code prefix
      * option to disable Exchange button on product page

      v1.26 - 2021.06.29
      * the ability to exchange products from product page

      v1.25 - 2021.03.11
      * ability to return the product and recover points

      v1.24 - 2021.03.10
      * bug fixes

      v1.23 - 2021.03.08
      * blocking the accrual of points before accepting the program conditions

      v1.22 - 2021.03.01
      * join the program (approval button)

      v1.21 - 2020.12.29
      * changing the rule generation mechanism

      v1.20 - 2020.12.22
      * options to exchange points only for defined products or vouchers

      v1.19 - 2020.10.14
      * points for account create (optional)

      v1.18 - 2020.10.07
      * possibility of awarding additional points by the store employees

      v1.17 - 2020.10.06
      * points for subscribing to the newsletter (optional) [module ps_emailsubscription]

      v1.16 - 2020.09.29
      * handling of attributes in the product exchange

      v1.15 - 2020.09.22
      * redeeming points for products
      * defining products to be redeemed for points
      * dedicated list of products for the exchange
      * compatibility with the default path purchasing
      * linking the coupon to a specific customer

      v1.14 - 2020.06.25
      * asynchronous loading of data in the points table

      v1.13 - 2020.06.05
      * refactoring

      v1.12 - 2020.06.05
      * refactoring

      v1.11 - 2020.06.05
      * compatibility with Prestashop 1.6

      v1.1 - 2020.04.08
      * bug fixes

      v1.0 - 2020.03.12
      * first commit
      2021-12-14 Agnieszka G

      To już nasz 5 moduł od PrestaShow. Po ustawieniu śmiga sam i rozdaje pkt, a rozdawanie pktów z ręki to super sposób na wkurzonych Klientów :P

      2021-10-22 Anna S

      Sporo opcji nagradzania klienta, instalacja na supporcie tego samego dnia. Wszystko OK

      2021-09-07 prestashow.pl

      Marcin - ta funkcja jest zakolejkowana i zostanie wydana z najbliższymi aktualizacjami modułu.
      Patryk - moduł opinii na pewno pojawi się w naszym sklepie. Będzie zintegrowany z modułem lojalnościowym :-)

      2021-07-10 Patryk

      Kiedy planujecie wdrożyć opcję nagradzania klienta punktami za zostawienie opinii o zakupie?

      2021-05-12 Marian

      Co zrobić żeby z automatu wykluczyć wygenerowany kod rabatowy za punkty lojalnościowe z innymi rabatami wygenerowanymi w prestashop?

      2021-03-14 prestashow.pl

      Drodzy Państwo, moduł Programu Lojalnościowego dostał wiele poprawek. Wprowadziliśmy również sporo nowych funkcji inspirując się Państwa zgłoszeniami na HelpDesk. Zachęcamy do sprawdzenia najnowszej odsłony modułu. Andrzej B, Jan Kowalski - zapraszamy do kontaktu mailowego, udostępnimy Państwu najnowsze aktualizacje modułu :-)

      2020-12-21 Andrzej B

      Zakupiłem moduł w październiku wraz z usługa instalacji. Od początku nie działał prawidłowo, był dwukrotnie poprawiany, niestety do dzisiaj sprzedający nie jest wstanie prawidłowo wdrożyć modułu.

      2020-11-30 prestashow.pl

      Jan Kowalski, załóż zgłoszenie na helpdesk.prestashow.pl lub podaj numer zgłoszenia. Nie spotkaliśmy jeszcze takiego błędu, pomożemy Ci priorytetowo.

      2020-11-27 Jan Kowalski

      "Nie masz uprawnień, aby wyłączyć moduł pshowloyaltyprogram." tylko z tym modułem jest taki problem... nie polecam!

      2020-10-27 Olga

      Moduł wymagał zadania kilku pytań na supporcie. Jesteśmy zadowoleni (:

      2020-09-29 Krzysiek Skoczeń

      Standardowo pod wrazeniem jestem waszych rozwiazan. Wymiana punktów na ekskluzywne produkty (tak to u siebie zrobilismy) jest prima sort.

      2020-08-03 Katarzyna Nowotniak

      OK i moduł i wsparcie

      2020-05-08 Michał Polkowicki

      Polecam. Plus za szybką rozbudowę o mnożnik punktów :)

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      Technical requirements
      • PHP in version minimum 7.1. We recommend PHP 7.3 for maximum performance and security
      • IonCube extension
      • Nginx or Apache server
      • MySQL > = 5
      • Optional extensions for performance optimization: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc
      • PShowImporter module only: required PHP extension libxml in version > 2.9.3
      • PShowFacebookIntegrator module only: PHP 7.2 for Facebook API support

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      Modules updates

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      • You can update the module with 1-click.
      • Before updating, the module backup its files. In case of any problems, you can quickly restore previous version of module and contact us for help.
      License to use PrestaShow modules
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      • You can use the module without any time limits in one store: 1 module = 1 license = 1 domain.
      • You can assign the module to the domain yourself after logging in to My Account in our store
      • You can also use the module in the test store: dev.domain.com, test.domain.com or beta.domain.com.
      • It is possible to change the domain for your license. For this purpose, please contact us at kontakt@prestashow.pl
      • You can modify the source code of the modules in tpl and css files. Modification of the engine (core) of the module is associated with the loss of warranty.
      • You can restore the warranty by installing the unmodified version of the module downloaded from My Account.
      • You could test module in our demo store (link in upper section)
      • Some of our modules have demo-content installer
      • If demo content installer is unavailable please remember to configure module first
      • You could change demo language in demo store top-menu
      • Demo store will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
      • In case of problems with demo - please contact us


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