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  • PrestaShop Feedr - complete solution to create XML & CSV data feeds
  • PrestaShop Feedr - complete solution to create XML & CSV data feeds
  • PrestaShop Feedr - complete solution to create XML & CSV data feeds
  • PrestaShop Feeder - Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace and your own XML feeds

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    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: PShowFeeder
    • Ready-to-go XML feeds for: Google Merchant Center, Facebook Marketplace and Dynamics Ads, Idealo, Ceneo, Skąpiec, and Nokaut
    • Create your own XML feeds and place any data in them
    • Edit, change data and map categories before they end up in your XML feed
    • Exporting all customer and products data
    • There are no limits on the number of XML feeds created in module
    • More ready-to-go integrations cooming soon... Write to us for - we will add it to Feeder!
    Wsparcie techniczne You can use the purchased module in your store without any time limits. 3-month a ccess to 1-click updates and HelpDesk are included in module pric. You can extend it at any time. Access to support and updates cover ALL modules purchased in our store.
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    XML export from PrestaShop

    Feeder is a module for exporting data from your store. Use it to select data from the store that you want to be exported to an XML file. Feeder will generate XML files necessary to integrate your PrestaShop store with sales portals such as:

    Thanks to the regular module update, you can be sure that every ready integrations in our module are tailored to the current requirements of all supported companies. There is no integration you are looking for? You could make it on your own or order it for free via HelpDesk.

    Comprehensive dropshipping service

    Feeder is not only ready integration. You can create any XML file with any structure and data. You can create many XML files and configure them as you like:

    • Create a new file by own needs
    • or duplicate ready configurations available in the module and modify them to your needs

    For example, you can create a quick update feed containing only the product code, quantity and prices or a feed with all data describing the products in your store, including categories, features, attributes and combinations.

    Export customer information

    Feeder supports exporting from PrestaShop to XML complete information about your customers. 

    Automatic and safe work

    You can generate XML files automatically or manually. In the settings of each feed you can set the time after which the file will be refreshed - generated with current data. You can also set a download limit for the file, which can prevent overloading the server.

    Category mapping

    Ready-made integrations (e.g. Facebook, Merchant Center) have predefined categories - you will be able to map them. Adjust each path and category name from your store to the needs of the system you integrate with.

    Edit data you want to export

    All data (name, price, category, shipping price etc.) can be modified before they are sent from your store to an XML file. Use the Search and Replace options and Regular Expressions (regex) to automate you work.

    You can create any import conditions that will let you choose the exact data you want to export.

    You can also add your own values ​​to feeds, such as shipping costs, tags, delivery countries, and more. The module is limitless.

    Multistore, Multilanguage and currencies

    The module works with PrestaShop Multistore - you can generate feeds independently for each of the stores. By configuring the feed you can choose the language from which the data will be gained and the currency in which the prices will be exported.

    Ready and easy-to-use

    If you want to quickly connect your store's with external XML feed systems - use ready-made integrations, modify them and use them to your needs.

    Limitless to developers and managers

    If you are the owner of a growing store, use the possibilities of creating XML files of any structure, tags and namespaces... You can prepare an individual feed for each of your customers. The module is limitless for you.

    Fast and friendly for you server

    Our module stores all current data from your store in the cache. Thanks to this, even if you generate many fresh feeds at the same time - you do not have to worry about the slowdown of the store and the use of all your server resources. The module intelligently processes and stores data and generates XML files.

    When will you need a feeder?

    • Feeder is ready integration with the most popular price comparison websites and marketplace in Poland and Europe
    • Feeder allows you to export any data from the store to XML for the purposes of integrating the store with any external platform or other store on any sales platform
    • Feeder will quickly export data from your store if you want to migrate to another platform
    • Open yourself to dropshipping! Feeder will display your products for external recipients. Share only the data you want to create for each recipient a feed with a different set of data

    * allow to download base price (without reduction)

    v1.3 - 09.12.2019
    * introduced 'shared cache' system
    A shared cache stores data retrieved from the database so the module
    does not need to retrieve it again when generating XML files.
    The same shared memory is used when generating each XML file.
    You can change the expiration time of the shared cache in the module settings.
    * updated structure of the XML file for Ceneo.pl
    * fixed bugs

    v1.2 - 20.11.2019
    * fixed bugs

    v1.1 - 23.10.2019
    * fixed bugs and improved export speed

    v1.0 - 30.08.2019
    * initial version
    2020-03-21 LoLa Studio

    I'm looking for it!!!!

    2020-03-12 Parts Hurt Wojciech Nawrocki

    Wystawiamy ponad 400 tys części w wielu feedach dla naszych kontrachentów. Moduł sprawuje się bardzo stabilnie. Dziękuję Panu Arturowi i ekipie z helpdesku za pomoc. Obroty i serce rosną! :))))))

    2020-02-19 Korneliusz Porębski

    Moduł sprawdza się w integracjach z Ceneo i Google

    2019-12-28 abcplytki Mateusz

    My również z świątecznej promocji. Integracja z Marketplace i Ceneo bez problemów. Jeszcze raz Wesołych Świąt :-) Moduł wart posiadania!

    2019-12-28 Dawid Baranowski

    Dostaliśmy moduł w świątecznej promocji. na FB Dziękujemy! Ceneo i Skąpiec ustawione wszystko działa jak należy. Bardzo fajny moduł.

    2019-12-28 Patryk Ołdak

    Zintegrowaliśmy się z Ceneo, FB i Marketplace. Polecam.

    2019-12-09 prestashow.pl

    Przemysław, wydaliśmy aktualizację modułu obsługującą: wybór języka oraz wybór waluty, Moduł obsługuje również multistore

    2019-12-09 Przemysław

    Czy moduł działa z różnymi językami i walutami? Pozdrawiam

    2019-10-10 Krzysztof Polskowski

    Miałem okazję uczestniczyć w testach. Używaliśmy do Ceneo + FB + Adsy.
    Wiem, że jest sporo pomysłów jeszcze dla tego modułu, ale w aktualnej formie mogę z czystym sumieniem polecić. PS Dobrze opanować chociaż w podstawie REGEX - wtedy możliwości są naprawdę bardzo fajne.

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    Technical requirements

    • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
    • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7.3 is supported)
    • MySQL >= 5
    • PHP extension libxml in all versions, except 2.9.3 which contains bugs (only for Smart Importer module)
    • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
    • Additional requirements (if needed) are described in module description
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    Updates of PrestaShow modules

    Module price include 3 months of free updates

    Our module has a convenient 1-click update system. In the Back-office our modules inform about the updates availability. With 1-click you will update the module in your store to the latest version.

    By using the updates, you get regular access to patches, improvements and new features.

    Support and warranty

    Module price include 3 months guarantee and support

    You can use the free help in installing the modules at any time.

    helpdesk.prestashow.pl panel is available directly in the module. HelpDesk provide you technical support related to the usafge of our modules. We guarantee response time <72 hours. Reported wishes, corrections and news * you will update to your store with a 1-click update.

    * We reserved rights to implement only selected wishes.

    Extend at any time

    You can use purchased module in one store without time limits

    If your support expires, you can extend it at any time by purchasing one of the available packages. The purchase of the package will automatically activate and extend your access to the HelpDesk and to Updates in modules installed in your store.

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