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PrestaShop Loyalty & Sponsorship Affiliation Program

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Works with PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
  • Let your customers joint to your Partner Program directly from My Account
  • Affiliation based on an unique URL (reflink, assigned to the Referring Partner) and coupon codes
  • Partner commission due to used codes or orders from registred users sourced from Parnter's reflink
  • Clear view of gained commisions in Partners My Account
  • Configuration of rebates and commissions for Partner by products and categories
  • User friendly statistic and settlement panel
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Affiliate Program at PrestaShop

Customers of your store can join to Affiliate Program and start earning commissions from recommending shopping in your eCommerce. Our Affiliate System is based on commissions from orders placed with coupon code, orders from the referral URL, and commission on the sale of selected products.

It's simple!

  1. Your customer can become a participant in the Affiliate Program (could join in My Account)
  2. You generate an individual coupon code for customer's accepted account (Discount Codes - PrestaShop standard)
  3. You configure commission for your customer (percentage commission on the net value of the order)
  4. Customer passes its coupon code to new potential customers
  5. Orders with coupon get discount (eg 10%) for shopping in the store
  6. For each order with a coupon code, the Referrer will receive a commission (eg 20%)
  7. You mark commissions status as settled / unsettled.

Transparent commissions management

1. "List of commissions"

In the module, you will find a list of commissions - a list of all orders in which the commission for the referral occurred (from the product sold, from the use of the code or from the link). The list consists of columns, with the possibility of filtering:

  • Date
  • No. orders
  • Mail from the Referring Customer
  • The value of the order
  • The value of commission
  • Type (Code, Link, Products)
  • Status (Accounted / Not Billed)

Under the list of commissions is a summary of all visible commissions.

2. "Request to join"

List of sent requests to join the Partner Program: date, mail, first and last name of the client, beginning of message + Accept / Reject. The logged in shop client in My Account has an additional tab "Affiliate Program", in which he can read your description and send a request to join the program.

3. "List of Participants" (Add new / Edit / Delete)

The list of participants is the columns: Date of attachment, Mail and Name and surname, its code, link, number of products, Sum of all commissions, Sum of commissions with the status "Unsettled". You can enter the details of the participant. After entering the details, we see:

  • Date of attachment
  • The rebate code and the unique referral URL
  • Committed value of commission
  • A list of products with a commission
  • List of commissions earned

4. Settings

  • Contents for the text "What's going on?" - (WYSWIG with translations in the languages ​​of the store)
  • Turn on the "Affiliate Program" tab in My Client Account for non-participating customers
  • Turn on the "Affiliate Program" tab in My Client Account for clients participating in the program

My Account - Affiliate Program

If your customer does not participate in the Affiliate Program, this tab will contain a description of "What is going on?" And a form: for a message to send a request and the "I want to participate in the affiliate program" button.

After clicking "I want to participate in the affiliate program", the information goes to "Your request is awaiting for verification" message.

If you accept the customer's request (or add a new customer manually in the module), the client in the Affiliate Program tab will find here the description "What's going on?" and:

  • Information on the assigned Discount Code, an individual referral link and products from which the customer receives a commission
  • Information aboit commissions for placed orders
  • Summary of visible items on the list (with / without filters)

Commisions statuses

The statuses are necessary for marking orders and their commissions, which are waiting for payment or have been paid 

The status of commission from the order's commision can take two values: "Settled" and "Unsettled" and it applies to the order and commission from it.

Each new position with a commission is given the default status o"Unsettled".

1-click updates comming soon

  • Conveniently sending the discount code hidden in the store link. An individual referral link assigned to the referral account. After entering from this link the discount code will be added automatically in the basket and will charge the referral commission.
  • Assign products from your store to the referral account. Recommenders from their sale will receive a set commission.
  • Accelerate work. In configuration you will be able to enable / disable the automatic acceptance of all requests.
2019-08-29 | Polecam

Polecam. Bogate możliwości w formie skróconej do optimum.

2019-08-20 | prestashow.pl

Rafał F - w dzisiejszej aktualizacji modułu, wraz z kilkoma innymi usprawnieniami, dodaliśmy ustawienie czasu życia ciasteczka! :-)

2019-08-06 | Rafał F

To proponuję dodać możliwość ustawienia czasu życia ciasteczka :) jak wprowadzicie tą funkcję to na pewno zakupię moduł :)

2019-08-06 | prestashow.pl

Lidia - cookies dla reflinków jest bezterminowy, czyli będzie ważny tak długo, aż użytkownik sam nie wyczyści cookiesów w przeglądarce :-)

2019-08-04 | Lidia

Planujecie dodać czas życia ciasteczka dla reflinka?

2019-07-29 | Kasia Majkowska

Przejrzysty dla Partnera - łatwa nawigacja i dostęp do prowizji. Bogata konfiguracja. Polecamy też ze względu na helpdesk reagujący na potrzeby maruderów :-)

2019-07-18 | prestashow.pl

Zgred - 23 lipca wydajemy kolejną wersję modułu. Obsługa linku afiliacyjnych z kodem/poleceniem oraz wsparciem dla UTM będzie z tą wersją wydana :-)

2019-07-11 | Zgred

Moduł spełnia swoje zadanie. Kiedy URL polecający?

2019-06-24 | Joanna

Zaskakujaco prosty w instalacji i obsludze i sporo opcji możliwości wejscia w uklad z polecajacymi. Zobaczymy :)

2019-06-20 | Arkadiusz Głębocki

Korzystamy od niedawna. Ruch mamy na poziomie 300 UU dziennie i 2-5 zamówień, póki co dołączyły 3 osoby. Generalnie moduł przyjazny w użytkowaniu. Klient ma bezpośredni dostęp do wypracowanych prowizji. Czekamy na upgrade linków polecających zintegrowanych z obiecanymi UTM-ami :-) Pozdrawiamy!

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
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