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PrestaShop SEO Blog & News + social media

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Works with PrestaShop: 1.5 1.6 1.7
  • Guides, Hints, News, Galleries or product rankings - create rich content suited to your needs
  • A well-thought, responsive look and SEO-friendly buld of all blog pages and subpages
  • Integration with sitemap.xml
  • Insert products from the store into the content of entries
  • Place entries on product pages, categories or CMS pages
  • Automatic posting for Facebook profile and Twiteer
  • Built-in search engine 
  • Associate entries with products, categories and CMS sites using PrestaShop tags
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Extend HelpDesk and Updates access:   You can use the purchased module in your store without any time limits. 3-month a ccess to 1-click updates and HelpDesk are included in module pric. You can extend it at any time. Access to support and updates cover ALL modules purchased in our store.
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You can install the PRESTASHOW modules in your store yourself. You can also use our help. We guarantee the operation of our modules, therefore the installation of purchased modules is free. 

The PrestaShow Blog & News module is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool used for management of all the content you want to place in your store. The module allows you to introduce new interactions for your customers, such as:

  • Blog or News
  • Entries on any subpages of your shop
  • Articles related to products in the store (put products in the entry or put entries on the product page)

PrestaShop Blog - module that fits all your needs

Boost your sales by introducing your customer into the world of your eCommerce. Your shop will look up to date and boots its SEO value. Reach new customers and more accurate search results.

The module has all the functions necessary for efficient content management (CMS). Its construction and functionality will allow you to adjust the module 100% to your shop and connect it with social media, e.g. by automatically posting articles in the shop and on your Facebook page.

With accurate and modern solutions and construction of entries this module has highest SEO value available on the market.

Display products and modules content directly in the entry

You can display any products from your shop and content displayed by other modules directly in the content of the entry! Select products manually or by category. Determine how many products you want to display and whether they should be displayed randomly. This will enable you to increase conversion, and the content of your news will be strongly connected with the catalogue of your shop. Customers will click!

Meta descriptions, titles and keywords to category pages and blog entries

Our blog is search engine friendly thanks to the possibility of tagging each subpage of the blog with your own metadata and thanks to the appropriate HTML structure of each page displayed.

OG tags og:title and og:description

Thanks to the possibility of adding OG tags, when sharing links to blog pages, e.g. in social media, the link will be replaced by a category photo or an entry with the title and description from OG tags. This way you can get an aesthetic look (e.g. the length of the title/description) of posts shared, e.g. on Facebook.

Built-in search engine for content in your blog!

You can turn on the search engine, which will allow the customers of your shop to quickly find the entries which interest them.

Multistore & Multilanguage

If your shop is multilingual, don't worry. You can translate all entries into the languages you use in your shop. Blog supports multistore, too!

Full responsiveness and easy editing of the layout

All blog elements adapt to the screen size. The blog is pleasant to display on mobile phones, tablets and large screens. While designing the appearance of the default layout for the list of entries and an entry, we drew on top blogs in Poland and around the world. Elements of the module use clear tpl files, which you can freely modify to match the appearance of the blog to your shop.

Image to a category and blog entry.

In our module you can add photos not only to the blog entry, but also to the category. This makes the blog is more attractive to customers, and the content shared in the social media attracts the eyes of the readers.

Automatic addition of entries to the sitemap

Thanks to this function, the entries will be automatically added to the sitemap.xml file, which can be read by web robots. Be sure that Google sees the latest content in your store!

Automatic posting of entries in social media

Thanks to the module you can integrate your shop with social networks. Posts will be automatically added to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, and readers will be able to share and like them.

Last, similar and most popular entries

This function will enable you to display additional content on entries pages, which will interest customers and encourage them to stay longer on your website. Use the most popular entries, recent additions or entries from the same category.

Dates of inclusion and exclusion of an entry

Thanks to these two functionalities you will not only be able to publish an entry with a delay and automatically turn it off on a specific day. This way you can plan posts for days off, holidays or promotions.

Share & Like

This way, your customers can simply share your posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Copying an entry to another blog category

You don't have to add the same entry to multiple categories in which it should appear. All you need to do is to select the categories to which the entry is to be copied when editing or adding an entry. Don't worry about content duplication! The module takes care of SEO quality in every aspect of your shop.

Use {tags} to complete your post with products

Copy and paste tag below in any place of entry to display selected products:


Copy and paste tag below in any place of entry to display content from module:

{hook h='pShowBlogGetProducts' mod='pshowblog' limit='4' products='1,2,3,4' categories='2,4'}

This hook keep 3 optional variables:

  • limit - Maximum number of products
  • product - Products' IDs. You can add many product's IDs separated by comma
  • categories - Categories' IDs. You can add many categorie's IDs separated by comma

If you use variable 'categories', 'products' variable will be skipped.

The content of any module you use in your store can be placed in the content of every entry. This allows you to display e.g. modules such as a block of new products, a block of best offers and a block of newsletter in the content of your news.

{hook h='leftColumn' mod='blockbestsellers'}

Pasting this tag in any place of your entry will display the best selling products in your store.

Creating categories and entries is not enough! The module generates a unique {TAG} for each entry and a category that can be pasted anywhere in the template (.tpl). This allow you to easily place all types of content and their summaries anywhere in your store.

{hook h='PShowBlogGetEntries' id_category='1' limit='3'}  

{hook h='PShowBlogGetEntries' id_entry='6'}

Pasting the tag anywhere in a .tpl file will cause the display of three last entries from the category with ID=1 or the last entry with ID=6.

Instruction on how to use {tags} can be found in the module.

Use simple creator to show any post or categories in you shop

If you do not want to edit the .tpl files, the module contains a very intuitive wizard that will allow you to select a category, an image and a place where you wish the module to display the desired content. You can create any amount of such automatic hooks. You can delete them and create new ones at any time.

The Blog & News module works with our PrestaShow Albums & Galleries module! The tags of albums or single images can be placed in your blog entries or news! Check PrestaShow Albums and Galleries!

Moreover, the module offers

  • Creating backup of the module files - in any time and before module update.
  • The module includes a detailed module usage manual inside module
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions of new aspects by using HelpDesk that is connected with module — now you can be sure you will get a quick response to your comments!
  • Easy to use 1-click module update
  • Warranty and Update access - check tab Support and Updates
2019-07-19 | prestashow.pl

Pytający - jest to jak najbardziej wykonalne! Odezwij się do nas na kontakt@prestashow.pl

2019-07-09 | Pytający

Czy istnieje możliwość migracji wpisów z simplebloga do tego modułu? Jaki byłby koszt?

2019-05-07 | Karolina

Udany moduł, częste aktualizacje, fajne łączenie wpisów z stronami sklepu i produktami

2019-04-09 | Jan Mieźiński

Do zakupu przekonała nas możliwość wstawiania produktów sklepu do wpisów.
W między czasie PrestaShow dodali obługę galerii i całkowicie zmienili wygląd administracji blogiem - dodaje się wpisy o wiele szybciej i w ogóle jest przyjemniej. Polecamy!

2018-11-06 | Ola

Udany moduł i fajna integracja z facebookiem. Mieliśmy problem z edytowaniem wpisów, ale poprawke helpdesk wydał po 4 dniach.

2018-10-29 | Artur Polkowski

Wymieniliśmy darmowy moduł bloga na ten. Bardzo udane RWD i personalizacja pod SEO. Warty swojej ceny, chociaż widzę, że ta wzrosła o 30 zł :)

2016-04-08 | Daniel z serwis-kop.pl

Mamy okazję korzystać z modułu. Poza prowadzeniem newsów używamy modułu do wstawiania pojedynczych treści w różnych miejsach sklepu - np w stopce i na stronie głównej. Wyglądają jak zwykłe treści, a dzięki modulikowi łatwo się nimi zarządza w wielu językach. Polecam

2016-01-15 | Artur

Miałem okazje testować ten moduł.Możliwości wyświetlania wpisów w sklepie są naprawdę duże. W sumie można nim wypełnić treści na dowolnej podstronie sklepu i jednocześnie prowadzić aktualności. I w końcu nie trzeba się znać na edycji kodu... Pozdrawiam i życzę sukcesów! Artur

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
DO YOU KNOW that this tabs was mass generated by our Magic Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html

Updates of PrestaShow modules

Module price include 3 months of free updates

Our module has a convenient 1-click update system. In the Back-office our modules inform about the updates availability. With 1-click you will update the module in your store to the latest version.

By using the updates, you get regular access to patches, improvements and new features.

Support and warranty

Module price include 3 months guarantee and support

You can use the free help in installing the modules at any time.

helpdesk.prestashow.pl panel is available directly in the module. HelpDesk provide you technical support related to the usafge of our modules. We guarantee response time <72 hours. Reported wishes, corrections and news * you will update to your store with a 1-click update.

* We reserved rights to implement only selected wishes.

Extend at any time

You can use purchased module in one store without time limits

If your support expires, you can extend it at any time by purchasing one of the available packages. The purchase of the package will automatically activate and extend your access to the HelpDesk and to Updates in modules installed in your store.

Do you know? This tabs was mass generated by our Extra Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html
  • All our modules you could test with no-limits in the demo store
  • Each of our modules works and looks almost the same in every version of PrestaShop with which it works
  • The demo store will be generated only for you
  • In demo store our modules you'll find in PrestaShow Modules tab in the left menu
  • WARNING! The demo store will be automatically removed after 72 hours from the last activity in it


Back-office login & password: demo@prestashow.pl

you will be able to change language thru Profile Edit (right top corner)


Change Back-Office language to English:


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