Still on receipt? Switch to invoice - easy and painless!

Still on receipt? Switch to invoice - easy and painless!

Printing receipts and packing them into packages will soon be a memory of the past. Today you can do everything faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. No more manual rewriting of statements! If you haven't yet switched to invoicing and thank you receipts, it's high time to do it. And we have the right tool for that, too, which will help you seamlessly transition to the new system. Your PrestaShop store can electronically issue all types of invoices, including adjustments and returns, and transfer them to your accounting program.

Invoice vs. receipt

Thefirst question that comes to mind is: why? After all, receipts work, and if something works, why change it? There is a bit of work involved, but it never gets me wrong (said everyone)!

In a giant nutshell - for your convenience. By keeping track of your sales in receipts, you waste time that could be spent on business development, a new strategy, or merchandising. Why rummage through piles of paperwork when everything can be done for you by the program? And the benefits don't end there. If you give up receipts:

  • You don't have to maintain (or buy) a fiscal printer;
  • You don't have to print and wrap receipts: you can receipt orders from private individuals with electronic named invoices, i.e. classic invoices for the name of the buyer, without a VAT/VAT number;
  • You don't have to print out monthly statements that your accountant manually transcribes into your accounting program.

Under the new regulations, as of May 1, 2021, the seller is exempt from the obligation to issue a printed fiscal receipt each time. It can be replaced by an electronic fiscal receipt, which will be sent to the customer's email address or directly to his cell phone (source). Bingo!


List of invoices issued by you manually and for orders in the store. Filter, view, download, correct from one place.

Still unconvinced? A departure from traditionalism has its pluses:

  • Automatic invoicing for orders, including generation of adjustments, returns and duplicates.
  • No accounting and bookkeeping differences after switching from receipts to B2C invoicing
  • No additional tax costs when you switch to invoicing
  • Invoices will be the only billing document, so you will keep your paperwork or files in order :)
  • You will generate a monthly statement and download all PDF invoices with one click

Do you still have doubts? Or maybe you are troubled by some legal issues? It just so happens that we have a small guide that answers the most important questions (also from the regulatory side!) related to such a change. You can read it here.

Everything in its place

Let's get to the specifics. One of the many (and there are indeed quite a few!) advantages of automating the entire process is the ability to generate and issue documents with just a few clicks. One: it takes a few seconds to issue such an invoice and two: you have everything arranged, so there is no option that something will get lost somewhere. Have you ever gone through the whole office looking for a single piece of paper? Well, that's right :)

With the help of PrestaShop module you will generate sales documents directly in youronline store. You will also invoice sales from other channels: phone, email or stationary sales. Named invoices, VAT, Proformas, duplicates and corrections. No paperwork, no mess - that's why you should take advantage of automatic electronic invoicing!


Support all types of invoices directly in your store. You can configure each invoice individually, such as giving it its own numbering.

We have put at your disposal a number of other useful features. PrestaShop module supports all currencies available in your store. Generated documents have a summary with currency conversion, such as EUR to PLN, along with the exchange rate. Do you sell products with different VAT rates? You will find a summaryof all tax rates on the invoice as well.

Importantly, the PrestaShop module allows you to export the sales and invoice summary. You can integratesuch a file with the most popular accounting software! Get advice from your accounting office: whether their software supports the CSV format. No, and there is a remedy for that! Our module works with Converters (e.g. KTKonwerter) that support conversion of CSV format to any accounting program on the Polish market. You can settle the whole month withone click:)

By conducting invoicing directly in the store, you can export a summary of invoices by currency and date range to Excel (CSV) or PDF format and pass it to your accountant.

To the convenient world belongs

Each of us has its own accretions, habits and rhythm of work. That's why the system we created is flexible and intuitive. You can customize the entire invoicing process to your individual requirements, without losing anything to automation.

The .tpl file, on the basis of which PDF files are generated, is responsible for the appearance of the invoice. You can edit it freely! You can easily upload a logo in the module, set the invoice issuer's data and enable additional fields specific to different businesses. You can also configure any numbering of invoices, so that you can continue your existing naming without any obstacles.

Dostosuj zawartość faktur oraz wygląd faktury do swoich potrzeb.

Every industry and business has individual requirements. Customize the content and appearance of your invoices to suit your needs.

We put at your disposal a number of enhancements that will allow full automation in your industry. With us you will handle every case: label products with GTU codes, define the VAT rate for shipping/deliveries or label invoices with required procedures.

Switch to invoicing!

The conclusion is simple - there is absolutely no reason to keep messing around with paper receipts. Not when you have access to such tools! Invoicing these days is easy, fast and convenient.

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