How to win over customers in today's e-commerce? Affiliate and loyalty programs, or a few words about grooming.


To meet the challenges of modern marketing, we have designed new modules in PrestaShow to help you motivate your customers to interact. Affiliate and loyalty programs run with our PrestaShop modules will help you increase the popularity of your marketing efforts and encourage users to create communities. From reading this short article, you will learn what opportunities are opened by using modules for customer activation.

Loyalty and affiliate program inspirations from big brands

Loyalty programs

Long-term marketing efforts, which include the introduction of loyalty programs, are always quite a challenge, being at the same time a field of opportunity and a show of creativity in appreciating the best customers. Maintaining positive relationships is not easy in both life and business. Surveys show that more than half of Poles participate in at least one loyalty program, which means that we willingly attach ourselves to the brands we choose and have our own preferences when making purchases.

A loyalty program rewards sales of products and services while enabling the reduction of other promotional and advertising costs. Shopping can be fun - awarding loyalty points makes creating a shopping cart a pleasure. Our module allows you to flexibly configure the allocation of points for any products and categories, which can be exchanged for discount vouchers, ready for use on subsequent purchases.

With our module you will independently run your own loyalty program. All the necessary functions have been collected and enclosed in one intuitive application. The module will work well for both smaller, as well as more demanding, complex stores, which premiums depend on the margin of various products and categories.

The rewarded customer feels appreciated, and the personalized approach keeps users coming back for more purchases. Our module is an ideal tool for conducting unified promotional actions that give customers tangible benefits that drive further sales.

However, increased sales are only a side effect of a loyalty program. In reality, it's about establishing an emotional bond. When a customer provides their information and agrees to further contact, it means you've been successful. Communication with active users is the lever of today's commerce. Loyalty points are one of the most important factors in gaining an attractive, dedicated customer.

Affiliate programs

Other online marketing tools for activating users are affiliate and partner programs - the names are interchangeable.

Increasing sales also means increasing buyer engagement. Once a customer gets a discount voucher and knows how to earn loyalty points, they may want to take their interaction with your store to the next level. In this situation, you can't miss the chance to invite him to join an affiliate program.

The idea behind our affiliate programs is simple - your affiliates, i.e. active users included in the program, gain new customers for you, and in return get commissions and discounts. In this way you easily increase traffic, turnover and SEO value of your store.

Affiliate programs run with our module work on three levels.

  1. First, they engage users and create a common ground for communities around eCommerce platforms.
  2. Secondly, they enable you to introduce your own incentive system for partners undertaking marketing activities.
  3. Third, in turn, they create a bond between your company and the engaged users, so that both sides gain - you gain popularity and more and sales, and the partners gain incentive grants.

It's almost over

It is forecast that in the 2020s the consumer will no longer be seen as a buyer. There are many indications that it will become a decision-maker and a major micro-entity of e-commerce. Today, consumers create their own identity and participate in the creation of products. One of the most important trends is so-called crowdsourcing , or "wisdom of the crowd." Thus, consumer communities are taking over many areas of company operations. Online communities are the future of commerce.

If you want to be "in the know" with your customers and cheer them into action and co-creation, our modules will certainly help you. Learn about the technical possibilities that will help you build a community around your store - read the module descriptions:


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