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    Detailed description

    Before you order this service

    Use the contact page to accurately describe the type and method of selling your products. Indicate the areas of your store where you see the need for changes so you can sell conveniently:

    • Import, update and add product information manually
    • Inform customers about the sales format
    • Handle orders

    Flexible PrestaShop customization for custom products

    As part of this service, we will adapt your PrestaShop store to sell goods or services whose price depends on the variables that characterize the goods. Sell your products in multiple units:

    • By area, dimensions and shapes: m2, cm2, m3....
    • By pieces, liters, kilograms and others
    • Individually, in bulk packaging, cartons, packages, pallets

    Selling in many non-standard units

    As part of the service, we will make modifications to the core, template and PrestaShop modules to adapt your store to the products you sell. The service is comprehensive, i.e. it covers the entire life path of the product in your store

    Import and update > Management in Back Office > Presentation in the store


    Automatic conversion of sales units

    If there are multiple sales units in your store, such as pieces, m2 and in cartons, this service includes the implementation of an automatic sales unit conversion mechanism for products that may depend on purchase.

    Purchase of more product

    Units can be dependent on the minimum that describes the product, e.g.,1 package = 4 pieces = 3.2 m2

    chrome_XVmz6Mr2bZ.pngInformation about units and minimums in key areas of the store

    • On the product page
    • In the shopping cart
    • In the order, order confirmation and emails sent by the store
    • In the order preview and product editing in the Back Office
    • In product editing

    Data flow from (multiple) wholesalers to the store

    Manually manage or import and update product, unit and price information directly from the wholesaler: in XML, CSV or API formats - using PrestaShop Importer. You can import and update data such as unit price or whole package price. The service includes customization of the importer module, if needed.

    Secure implementation of multiple units

    We perform store modification with PrestaShop best practices. Among other things, we use override, so you will be able to update the store and modules without worrying about losing the modifications made.

    • Store template: product list, product page, shopping cart and order process
    • Back Office: store core, product editing and order list
    • Email templates
    • Modules involved in product display
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