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    Detailed description

    Your store can jump on the internet

    With our online store you will sell more valuable goods. The web store will provide you with information: what to order and for when. Minimum of new duties, you know in advance what goods to order, and the checkout for orders always goes 100% straight to your account.

    A set of the best functions necessary to start selling

    We've designed the whole thing so you don't have to worry about a thing. Set up your store once and wait for your orders. We don't mediate in your business. Treat the store as your own - income from sales goes directly to your account.

    A breath of modernity, thanks to which you will sell more and more conveniently at the same time.

    • Grocery and vegetable stores
    • Bakeries and confectioneries
    • Wine, spirits and gift stores
    • Catering establishments and bars
    • Service establishments, haberdasheries, stationery...

    All you need is the ability to use the Internet. Your store is taken care of from the technical side by our team, which takes care of stable operation, introduction of new functions and support when you need it.


    Admin panel

    Convenient and easy to use admin panel, where you can adjust your store to your industry, add products, process orders and contact your customers.

    1. Add products manually or quickly import all product information from an Excel XML table
    2. Set product names, pictures, available quantities, descriptions, price and even translations into other languages
    3. Sell by the piece, in liters (ml), kilograms (dag), in sets and promotions.

    Payment methods

    We do not act as an intermediary in your business! Payments for purchases go directly to your account.

    • Bank transfer
    • PayPal
    • Electronic payments, including Blik, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Przelewy24 and PayU
    • Payment on delivery or in your store

    Delivery methods

    You can handle deliveries on your own or by integrating with logistics services.

    • Personal collection - customers will collect their purchases in your store or point of sale
    • Your own free and paid delivery zones - draw a circle on the map where you deliver to the door or to the cage
    • InPost Refrigerators
    • Door-to-Door InPost
    • Glovo, Strava (coming soon)

    Quick shopping for your customers

    One-Page online store, meaning everything on 1-page. Convenient for shopping on mobile devices and computers. Customers can place an order as a guest or by creating an account.

    The shopping cart is a masterpiece that allows your customers to quickly select a delivery method or personal pickup and securely pay for products.

    Seafood every Wednesday...

    Bet on the good stuff! In the store we have put together everything you need to quickly add a product, process an order or contact a customer.

    Let your customers know on the store that you have fresh seafood delivered on Wednesdays, country dairy on Fridays, and mushrooms and berries on Mondays.

    Bet on the good stuff

    Customers place orders at your store all week long. When fresh seafood delivery day comes around - you know how much stock you need to buy because you know how many orders have come into your store. Less waste, more predictable profits. Customers will love your store, and you'll get the best merchandise with peace of mind.

    Customers will love the online way of shopping with you

    People love the Internet, and you can give them what they are familiar with! Your store will notify customers by text message about purchases waiting to be picked up at your store or when they are on their way to their door.

    Extra features you can use for free

    We have equipped the Online Store with extras that you can use for free and without restrictions if you wish. Here are some of them:

    • Promotions, banners and discount codes - give out discount codes, create promotions and place your own promotional banners in the store
    • Custom domain - hook up your own web domain
    • Massive management of wholesaleprices, saleprices and margin or mark-up
    • Automatic invoicing - automatic generation of VAT invoice or name-brand invoice in PDF format - instead of receipts (read the interesting article about abandoning receipts)
    • Points program - customers collect points for purchases and can use them for future orders or exchange them for products that you specify.
    • Integration with Facebook and Instagram profiles
    • Integrationwith Google Analytics - analyze the origin and number of customers visiting your e-shop
    • Price comparison and marketplace integration - upload your products to Facebook, Google, Ceneo, Skąpiec and others.
    • Gallery - upload photos of your store or service point
    • Blog - run a blog about your business

    How was the PrestaShow Online Store created?

    At PrestaShow we've been building online stores for a decade. We know that despite the explosive growth of the eCommerce industry in recent years and the plethora of tools available, taking your business online seems time consuming and complicated.

    We dispel this myth. We simplify the process to the max. And we prove that comfortable online store is within everyone's reach.

    We built our e-store on a popular, open-source shopping engine called "PrestaShop", which you can read about in this article. It's worth to read it, because there are screenshots and interesting facts about the engine, which you might be using soon :-)

    PrestaShop is a proven solution for online sales. It is used by stores around the world. In Poland more than 20.000 online stores use PrestaShop! If you have been shopping online, it is almost certain that some of the stores you have visited have been using the PrestaShop engine.

    No additional or hidden fees

    The subscription fee allows you to use PrestaShop for 1 month.

    You can cancel at any time with 1 month notice.

    5 steps to get started

    1. Buy a ready-made online store
    2. You will receive access to your store within 72 hours.
    3. Set your name and domain, address, opening hours, colors, delivery and payment methods.
    4. Add products manually or import
    5. Activate your store and expect orders.
    6. The store will inform you via e-mail, SMS and admin panel about pending orders.
    7. If you are satisfied - pay next month.

    When you set up store, take care of the promotion - inform customers, put up a poster on the door, put up flyers or invest in local advertising on social media, maps and Google search.

    In order to use electronic payments or courier services, you need to sign independent agreements with the companies that provide them. We do not mediate in this process, but you will receive instructions from us with which you will arrange everything in a few days, fully online.

    Order processing

    All you need to do is change the status of your order: Accepted, Packing, Sent, Delivered, Completed, etc. The store will do the rest. You can create your own statuses to adapt the store to your working methodology.

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