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Express module installation is done on HelpDesk up to 3 working days. You can install the modules on your own - see the FAQ on HelpDesk for instructions.

This extension will allow you to configure the module independently in multiple Multistore stores. Without this extension, you will only be able to use the module in one Multistore store.

100,00 EUR VAT
( 81,30 EUR net)
81,30 EUR net
100,00 EUR VAT
    325 points in the loyalty program
    Premium With the module, you get 3 months of support, which you can extend at any time
    Access You will get access to the module files immediately after payment
    EU Invoice You will receive a VAT invoice with your order
    Detailed description

    Sharing the shopping cart

    Increase in conversions guaranteed

    Customers of your store can save their shopping cart for future reference or share their product list with other users - just copy the link to the shopping cart.

    • A quick and easy way to share your store's product list with friends.
    • When visitors click the link they will go straight to a shopping cart filled with products.
    • No login or account creation required.
    Enhance the convenience of your store by allowing customers to forward the list of products in the shopping cart.

    Share product list

    Customize the module to fit your shopping cart

    PrestaShop Share Cart
    In the module configuration you can customize the elements, operation and appearance of the module


    • Using shopping cart sharing does not require creating an account and logging in.
    • The link to the shopping cart is copied automatically when the user clicks on the link.
    • The user does not need to select and copy the URL manually.

    Customize the look of the module for your shopping cart

    PrestaShop Share Cart

    In the module settings, select elements and customize the appearance of sharing shopping cart.

    • Show shopping cart URL link
    • Show "Copy shopping cart link" button.
    • Set the background color and font
    • Add your own CSS class (class).By editing the .tpl and .css files of the module, you can modify the appearance of the section.
    PrestaShop Cart Share
    The link to the shopping cart is in the shopping cart - just click to copy.

    Lightweight for server and database

    • The saving of the shopping cart and the resulting database operations occur only when the customer clicks on the link or button to copy the link to the shopping cart.
    • The module works for guests and for logged-in users.

    Immediate operation

    • The URL to the shopping cart is dynamically generated each time the products in the cart are changed.
    • URL generation does not consume any CPU and server database resources.

    Overwriting the shopping cart

    • The shared shopping cart can clear the contents of the shopping cart that the customer previously had or
    • The contents of the shared shopping cart can be added to the current contents of the customer's shopping cart.

    The discount for the shared shopping cart
    and commission for the sharing


    The Shared Cart module works together with the Referral Program module in PrestaShop. The person sharing the cart can add his/her individual reflink to the cart URL and earn from referring the cart.

    • The person using the shared shopping cart will receive an automatic discount on the shared shopping cart.
    • The sharing person can receive commissions if an order is created from the shared shopping cart.
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    Awesome solution for sharing products list between users. Installation and using without any problems.
    Dawid T
    Bardzo fajny moduł, pozwala udostępniać koszyki, bardzo przydatna funkcja dla handlowców którzy dobierają sprzęty, wszystko ogranicza się do udostępnienia 1 linku :)

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    Technical requirements

    You can read more about the requirements in the knowledge base
    Minimum requirements for all modules:

    • PHP 7.1 - 8.x
    • Server extension ionCube Loader
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
    Support and updates
    • You get 3 months of support access to the module.
    • Support gives you access to HelpDesk and module updates.
    • After support expires, you have permanent access to the module in the version that was available on the day your support expired.
    • You can extend your support access at any time

    Module updates
    90 days

    Modules will inform you when an update is available. Refer to the changelog. You will update a module conveniently with 1-click.

    HelpDesk support
    90 days

    HelpDesk is a panel where we provide help for modules. On HelpDesk you can order modifications and custom programming work.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ
    For free

    The knowledge base is available to everyone. In it you will find documentation of modules and answers to frequently asked questions.


    Main domain and secondary domains

    • The module license is perpetual and you can use it without time limit.
    • You can assign the module license to 1 store = 1 domain.
    • You can add an additional domain for a test store.
    • Changing the domain is possible - for this purpose contact us.

    Multistore domains

    • All our modules support PrestaShop Multistore
    • Supporting unlimited domains for PrestaShop Multistore requires purchasing multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    • The module code related to the integration with the store and the appearance (.tpl, .css, .js) has open source code and you can modify it freely.
    • The module source code (.php) is encrypted with ionCube.
    • You can test some modules in our demo store. You can find the link to the demo store in the top section of the page
    • You can test some modules for free by downloading 14-day Trial .
    • If you have any problems with the operation of the Demo or Trial version, please contact us
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