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  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
  • Google My Business - reviews, locations, information
    • Quick integration of Google My Business with PrestaShop using Google API
    • Display all or selected Google reviews in the store
    • Replying and editing responses to Google reviews from within the module
    • Automatic translation of reviews and responses in the store
    • Automatic retrieval of information about locations and opening hours
    • Support for multiple businesses at the same time
    • Support for PrestaShop Multistore and Multilanguage

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    Technical support
    • Access to HelpDesk technical support
    • Access to module updates
    • Access to personalized PrestaShop support
    • Extend at any time
    You can install the modules yourself - in the footer of the page you will find a link to the instruction You can use the free installation service within 48h - 96h. You can use express installation service within 4h - 48h.

    The extension allows you to use the module in multiple stores when you have multi-store mode active.

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    Detailed description

    PrestaShop integration with Google My Business

    Google Moja Firma (Google Business) service has been part of the Google Maps application since 2022.

    Our module integrates Google Moja Firma service with PrestaShop store. The module displays Google's collected reviews and information from your My Business profile in your PrestaShop store. The module will allow you to respond and edit replies to old and new Google reviews directly from the module.

    Quickly connect the service

    1. Upload a token in the form of a JSON file that you download from your Google account
    2. Select the Company you want to integrate with your store

    Manage Google reviews in your PrestaShop store

    • Download all information about the review: text, author, author photo, rating, responses
    • Automatic synchronization of new and updated reviews
    • Ability to hide selected reviews in the store
    • Replying to reviews directly from the module
    • Deleting and editing custom responses to reviews
    • Support for emoticons
    • Automatic translation of opinions
    • Lightweight .tpl files responsible for the appearance of the reviews, which you can edit and customize their appearance to fit your store

    Sync information with Google My Business

    Display information from Google Moja Firma anywhere in your store. The module will take care of their regular synchronization.

    • Name
    • Business category
    • Contact phone
    • Locations (addresses on the map)
    • Regular and special opening hours

    Display in any areas of the store

    Display information from Google My Company, map with locations, list of reviews, etc. in any places of the store (e.g. in the content of CMS pages) and in template files using {tags}.

    You can find a list of supported {tags} in the module manual in the HelpDesk knowledge base.

    Front-end - customer views

    Lightweight and transparent tpl files are responsible for what is displayed by {tags}. By editing the HTML and CSS in the files, you can customize the look of the module elements to match your template.

    Support for multiple businesses on Google at the same time

    If you are running several businesses at the same time in the Google My Business panel, you can link any of them or only selected ones to the store.

    Support for PrestaShop Multistore

    You can configure the module together or independently for each store in Multistore. Multistore support is an additional fee.

    Support for multiple language versions

    You can translate all content displayed by the module using the translation system built into PrestaShop.


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    Technical requirements

    Minimum requirements for all modules

    • PHP version 7.1 minimum
    • ionCube server extension
    • Nginx or Apache server
    • MySQL >= 5
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • Optional performance optimization extensions: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc

    You can read more about the requirements and their benefits in our knowledge base.

    Support and warranty

    Benefits of having active technical support

    Along with the module, you receive a warranty in the form of 3-month technical support and access to module updates. After expiration, you can continue to use the modules you bought. You can renew technical support and access to updates at any time by purchasing any of the available packages. Support covers all modules in your account.

    Knowledge Base (FAQ)

    Theknowledge base is located on HelpDesk, it is free and open to everyone.

    HelpDesk Help

    • Convenient panel with email notifications
    • Help with installation, configuration and module performance guarantee for your store
    • Ask questions and report problems, which will always be solved (57% of requests we complete < 24h)
    • Order paid expansion and customization of modules to meet your needs
    • Order any programming and optimization work for your store and server

    Module updates

    • Modules will inform you about available updates
    • You will update a module with 1 click in the module
    • The module will backup its files before updating. In case of problems you can restore the previous version and open a ticket on HelpDesk
    PrestaShow modules use license

    PrestaShow modules usage license

    You can find the full content of the license on this page. We described the operation of the license system on this page. Below is a summary of the most important information:

    You can assign the module to 1 domain after purchase and use the module on it without time limitation. You can also add a test/developer domain to each domain. Support for additional Multistore domains is an additional fee.

    Change of domain
    Changing the domain for the license is possible. For this purpose, please contact us.

    Code modifications
    The element related to the integration of the module with the store and the front of the module (.tpl, .css) has open source code and you can modify it freely. The source of the module is encrypted with ionCube.

    Test in the demo store

    • You will find the link to the demo store of this module in the top section of the page
    • You can change the language of the demo store and the language of the module (EN, PL, DE, ES, IT, FR) using the top menu of the demo store
    • The demo will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
    • In case of any problems with demo store operation - please contact us

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