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  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • PrestaSHop Admin Access Managmeent
  • Protection against editing by many administrators simultaneously

    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: PShowAccessManagement

    Block the simultaneous access of many employees to any tab in the admin panel. Block the ability to edit orders or products for many admins at the same time.

    Support access With the module, you get 3-month access to support and modules updates. You can extend this access at any time. Access and updates cover all modules in your account.

    PrestaShop - blocking access to resources by many users simultaneously

    Simple configuration of the module will help you indicate subpages of the back office panel to which you want to block access by many administrators at the same time.

    If the module detects that a user is using a protected subpage, it will block access to other users until active user will left.

    Resource protection against overwriting and repeated editing

    If your store is served by multiple administrators, it may happen that two employees want to edit the same order, e.g. to change its status or send a message to the customer.

    • The module will allow you to avoid problems with overwriting any data in the store panel.
    • You can block simultaneous access both for the entire list of orders or just order ID editing
    • You can do the same with product edit pages, CMS pages or store settings.
    • The module sets no restrictions for you with protecting back-offices resources

    Intelligent and maintenance free

    In the module, you will indicate subpages of the admin back office that you want to protect against simultaneous access by multiple users. Each selected resource will be saved. You will be able to edit or delete it.

    After entering protected resources, the module will inform the user about who blocks access and when the last activity occurred.

    You can set the interval, which module will check that the user has left the subpage. Thanks to this, resources will be blocked only when they are actually used.

    1. While a employee is using a protected resource, the module records this employee details. The interval for this operation is configurable in module settings.
    2. If another employee wants to use the same resource, the system checks the time of the last activity of another employee and decides whether to grant access.
    3. Access is granted if the time of the last activity of another employee is equal to a minimum of twice the configurable interval. If we set the interval time to 5 seconds, then access will be granted 10 seconds after the last activity (closing the subpage).


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    Technical requirements

    • Nginx or Apache server
    • PHP > 7.1. We recommend PHP 7.3 for maximum performance and security
    • MySQL > = 5
    • IonCube extension
    • Optional extensions for performance optimization: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc
    • PShowImporter module only: required PHP extension libxml > 2.9.3

    More about requirements and benefits from it you could read in our Knowledge Base.

    This additional tab has been added massively for many products with our Extra Products Tabs & Sections module.

    Technical support that works

    You receive 3 months of support and module updates for each module order. If your support period expires you will be able to continue using the modules. You reactivate access to support and updates at any time with available packages.

    • Help with installation and usage of PrestaShow modules
    • Quick repair of errors related to the operation of our modules and lack of compatibility with your store
    • The modules will inform you in back office about if new version released. You can install it with 1-click update
    • The module do an automatic backup of its files before updating. In case of problems you will be able to quickly restore the previous version of the module and use helpdesk to get support
    • We process 72% of tickets in less than 24 hours
    • Take advantage of our team's resources. At HelpDesk you can order any programming work for your store. We value the price in advance and, if accepted, we implement them within the agreed deadline.

    This additional tab has been added massively for many products with our Extra Products Tabs & Sections module.

    Want to check how it work?

    • All our modules you could test with no-limits in the demo store
    • Each of our modules works and looks almost the same in every version of PrestaShop with which it works
    • The demo store will be generated only for you
    • In demo store our modules you'll find in PrestaShow Modules tab in the left menu
    • WARNING! The demo store will be automatically removed after 72 hours from the last activity in it

    Go to demo store: demo.prestashow.pl

    Back-office login & password: demo@prestashow.pl

    You will be able to change language thru Profile Edit (right top corner)

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