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Całkowita ocena została obliczona na podstawie  20 opinii zebranych za pośrednictwem serwisu Facebook w ciągu ostatnich 12 miesięcy

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  • Instagram module for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram Integration for PrestaShop
  • Instagram module for PrestaShop

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    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: PShowInstagram
    • Link your PrestaShop with Instagram account with a few clicks
    • Adjust layout of the photos feed to your needs
    • Place the latest Instagram photos anywhere you want using placement creator
    • Easy to use - set up and forget
    • Developers friendly - place the photos feed using tags directly in your template files
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    You can install the PRESTASHOW modules in your store yourself. You can also use our help. We guarantee the operation of our modules, therefore the installation of purchased modules is free. 

    PrestaShop connection with Instagram account

    Integrate your store with an Instagram account! View photos from Instagram anywhere you want. The module allows to personalization of the appearance and a secure live connection with the Instagram account.

    Use one of the two connection methods to connect your Instagram account to the PrestaShop online store.

      • Use the access token by entering it in the module
      • or use your ID by downloading the code from your Instagram account

    The instructions for making the connection are available directly in the module. The connection is performed once, it is secure and allows you to update photos from your Instagram account to the store on a regular basis.

    View photos from Instagram anywhere in the template

    Put the last photos from your Instagram account in any place of your store. On the main page, products page, contact page - where you want and without restrictions. Localization wizard helps you in this. The location wizard, in addition to choosing a place, allows you to personalize the look and the number of photos. In the wizard, you can add any number of feed locations - for example, a small feed per product page and a large feed per contact page - zero restrictions. When creating a place where you can display photos from Instagram, you can configure:

    • Place where you will see Instagram
    • The number of images to display
    • Show creation date (yes / no)
    • Show number of likes (yes / no)
    • Show the number of comments (yes / no)
    • Show Instagram logo (yes / no)
    • The number of columns for mobile, tablet and Desktop computers
    • Own spacing (margins) between the pictures

    Personalizing the appearance without restrictions

    Want more? You could use easy-to-use Location Creator OR you can place the Instagrama feed in any of the places of the template using {tags}. You can freely personalize the tags and put them in the template any number of times.

    The construction of the tag provides for full personalization. The tag is built in a simple way - it stores variables that you can delete or freely personalize. The order of variables in the tag does not matter:

    3 limit = 4}

    Variables that you can insert into the tag:

    • show_date = display the date when the image was added below the image
    • show_likes_count = display the number of likes under the image
    • show_comments_count = display the number of comments under the image
    • show_instagram_logo = display the Instagram logo as the first photo
    • own_margin = add your own margins to your instagram photos
    • margin_top = own top margin of the image
    • margin_right = own right margin of the image
    • margin_bottom = own bottom margin of the image
    • margin_left = own left margin of the image
    • columns_width_xs = number of bootstrap xs columns per image
    • columns_width_sm = number of bootstrap sm columns per image
    • columns_width_md = number of bootstrap md columns per image
    • columns_width_lg = number of bootstrap lg columns per image
    • limit = limit of images to display

    Moreover, the module offers:

    • Creating backup of the module files - in any time and before module update.
    • The module includes a detailed module usage manual inside module
    • Reporting bugs and suggestions of new aspects by using HelpDesk that is connected with module — now you can be sure you will get a quick response to your comments!
    • Easy to use 1-click module update
    • Warranty and Update access - check tab Support and Updates

    v1.4 - 05.12.2019
    * added option to enable or disable photo display as squares

    v1.3 - 06.11.2019
    * the problem with instagram code generation has been fixed

    v1.2 - 15.10.2019
    * ability to disable url from instagram for images

    v1.1 - 27.07.2019
    * fixed problem with design of instagram feed
    * ability to add border for images

    v1.0 - 22.10.2018
    * first version of the module
    * Ability to add Instagram feed anywhere in the shop
    2019-11-11 prestashow.pl

    Anna, tak, moduł działa z nowym API. Działa również ze starym, które Instagram etapami wygasza.

    2019-11-07 Anna

    Czy moduł działa z nowym API Instagrama?

    2019-08-28 Kostas

    Thanks you did it! Greetings from Greece! 5/5

    2019-07-19 Anna Snopek

    Do integracji Instagrama śa darmowe moduły do znalezienia. Tu jednak mnie przekonała możliwość dopasowania do wyglądu sklepu - rozmiar, ilość zdjęć, odstępy, efekt i ikonki na hover i umiejscowanie w sklepie. Polecam i dziękuję za instalację!

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    Technical requirements

    • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
    • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7.3 is supported)
    • MySQL >= 5
    • PHP extension libxml in all versions, except 2.9.3 which contains bugs (only for Smart Importer module)
    • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
    • Additional requirements (if needed) are described in module description
    DO YOU KNOW that this tabs was mass generated by our Magic Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html

    Updates of PrestaShow modules

    Module price include 3 months of free updates

    Our module has a convenient 1-click update system. In the Back-office our modules inform about the updates availability. With 1-click you will update the module in your store to the latest version.

    By using the updates, you get regular access to patches, improvements and new features.

    Support and warranty

    Module price include 3 months guarantee and support

    You can use the free help in installing the modules at any time.

    helpdesk.prestashow.pl panel is available directly in the module. HelpDesk provide you technical support related to the usafge of our modules. We guarantee response time <72 hours. Reported wishes, corrections and news * you will update to your store with a 1-click update.

    * We reserved rights to implement only selected wishes.

    Extend at any time

    You can use purchased module in one store without time limits

    If your support expires, you can extend it at any time by purchasing one of the available packages. The purchase of the package will automatically activate and extend your access to the HelpDesk and to Updates in modules installed in your store.

    Do you know? This tabs was mass generated by our Extra Tabs & Sections For Product Page module that you coudl use also in your shop: https://prestashow.pl/en/7-pshow-product-tabs.html

    Want to check how it work?

    • All our modules you could test with no-limits in the demo store
    • Each of our modules works and looks almost the same in every version of PrestaShop with which it works
    • The demo store will be generated only for you
    • In demo store our modules you'll find in PrestaShow Modules tab in the left menu
    • WARNING! The demo store will be automatically removed after 72 hours from the last activity in it

    Go to demo store: demo.prestashow.pl

    Back-office login & password: demo@prestashow.pl

    You will be able to change language thru Profile Edit (right top corner)


    Change Back-Office language to English:


    Detailed information about the licenses of our modules you will find on this page. Below we describe the most important information regarding the use of our modules and license:

    • Before downloading the module, you have to enter the domain of the store where the module will be installed. Assigning the module to the domain you will do yourself after logging to Your Account in the store prestashow.pl
    • Changing the license' domain is possible at any time. For this purpose, please contact us at kontakt@prestashow.pl
    • You can use the purchased module without time limits in one store, on one domain (1 module = 1 license = 1 store)
    • Our modules support Multistore. Multistore support for selected modules is additionally paid - informations about this are always placed in the description of the module.
    • You can use the module in the domain of your store (e.g. domain.com) and in the test store (dev.domain.com or test.domain.com). If your test store has a different subdomain - please contact us.
    • Each purchased module is covered by a 3-months warranty. After the warranty period has expired, you can continue to use our modules in your store.
    • Modification of the source code of our modules (apart from the module's .tpl files) results in the loss of warranty for the module. You can restore the warranty at any time by installing the unmodified version of the module downloaded from Your Account at prestashow.pl store.