Instagram module for PrestaShop

Works with PrestaShop: 1.5 1.6 1.7  
Integrate your store with an Instagram account in 3 minutes! You can view the last photos anywhere in the store and personalize their appearance.
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PrestaShop connection with Instagram account

Integrate your store with an Instagram account! View photos from Instagram anywhere you want. The module allows to personalization of the appearance and a secure live connection with the Instagram account.

Use one of the two connection methods to connect your Instagram account to the PrestaShop online store.

    • Use the access token by entering it in the module
    • or use your ID by downloading the code from your Instagram account

The instructions for making the connection are available directly in the module. The connection is performed once, it is secure and allows you to update photos from your Instagram account to the store on a regular basis.

View photos from Instagram anywhere in the template

Put the last photos from your Instagram account in any place of your store. On the main page, products page, contact page - where you want and without restrictions. Localization wizard helps you in this. The location wizard, in addition to choosing a place, allows you to personalize the look and the number of photos. In the wizard, you can add any number of feed locations - for example, a small feed per product page and a large feed per contact page - zero restrictions. When creating a place where you can display photos from Instagram, you can configure:

  • Place where you will see Instagram
  • The number of images to display
  • Show creation date (yes / no)
  • Show number of likes (yes / no)
  • Show the number of comments (yes / no)
  • Show Instagram logo (yes / no)
  • The number of columns for mobile, tablet and Desktop computers
  • Own spacing (margins) between the pictures

Personalizing the appearance without restrictions

Want more? You could use easy-to-use Location Creator OR you can place the Instagrama feed in any of the places of the template using {tags}. You can freely personalize the tags and put them in the template any number of times.

The construction of the tag provides for full personalization. The tag is built in a simple way - it stores variables that you can delete or freely personalize. The order of variables in the tag does not matter:

{hook h = 'PShowInstagram' mod = 'pshowinstagram' show_date = true show_likes_count = false show_comments_count = false show_instagram_logo = false own_margin = true margin_top = 5 margin_right = 5 margin_bottom = 5 margin_left = 5 columns_width_xs = 12 columns_width_sm = 6 columns_width_md = 4 columns_width_lg = 3 limit = 4}

Variables that you can insert into the tag:

  • show_date = display the date when the image was added below the image
  • show_likes_count = display the number of likes under the image
  • show_comments_count = display the number of comments under the image
  • show_instagram_logo = display the Instagram logo as the first photo
  • own_margin = add your own margins to your instagram photos
  • margin_top = own top margin of the image
  • margin_right = own right margin of the image
  • margin_bottom = own bottom margin of the image
  • margin_left = own left margin of the image
  • columns_width_xs = number of bootstrap xs columns per image
  • columns_width_sm = number of bootstrap sm columns per image
  • columns_width_md = number of bootstrap md columns per image
  • columns_width_lg = number of bootstrap lg columns per image
  • limit = limit of images to display

Moreover, the module offers:

  • Creating backup of the module files - in any time and before module update.
  • The module includes a detailed module usage manual inside module
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions of new aspects by using HelpDesk that is connected with module — now you can be sure you will get a quick response to your comments!
  • Easy to use 1-click module update
  • Warranty and Update access - check tab Support and Updates

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
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