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  • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator
  • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator
  • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator
  • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator
  • PrestaShop & Facebook Integrator - pixel, conversion, opinions

    PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: PShowFacebook
    • Link your store to your Facebook account and display current reviews from your fanpage directly in the store
    • Put reviews box multiple times in any place in your store
    • You can display only  positive reviews or limit review to an average rating, without displaying comments
    • Enable reviews subpage with friendly URL and revies descriptions
    • Display Fanfage Like Counter and button to your Fanpage
    Support access With the module, you get 3-month access to support and modules updates. You can extend this access at any time. Access and updates cover all modules in your account.
    Services and extensions
    Complete Google account configuration for the integration of PrestaShop with Analytics, Ads, Optimize, Tag Manager and API.

    54,81 EUR net
    67,42 EUR gross

    Facebook integration with PrestaShop

    Integrate pixel FB with PrestaShop using the latest Facebook API.

    1. Install and enable the module
    2. Configure the Pixel ID connection in the module settings
    3. From now on, the module analyzes the traffic on your website and transmits all events handled by Facebook to your sales manager

    The analysis, advertising and remarketing conducted on your advertising account will be lossless and precise, like with any other module.

    Facebook pixel in PrestaShop

    Our module uses latest Facebook API [2021/06] and covers 100% of eCommerce events that can be transferred from the PrestaShop store to your sales manager account and FB Ads.

    • Displaying the content
    • Search
    • Registration is complete
    • Add to cart
    • Go to the cart
    • Execution of the contract

    In the communication of PrestaShop with Facebook API, we used a mechanism known from the Google Integrator module (PShowConversion). Conversion transfer to piksel guarantee is 100%.

    All events in your store are queued by the module and sent on a regular basis via CRON to the FB pixel. Using our module you have a 100% guarantee of lossless data transfer.

    Positive feedback permanently in your store

    Turn on the opinions sub-page in PrestaShop that your Facebook page collected. Module will automatically download and display latest, all or only positive reviews from your fanpage. On the feedback page, you can insert your own headline, description text, and set friendly URL for the page. With the help of stars and real comments that you can display anywhere in the store, you will build a sense of security and gain likes from visitors.

    Configuring the module to get feedback and integrate eCommerce with the pixel requires API configuration. In the module you will find a detailed instruction with screenshoots how to connect the module and the store with Facebook. It taks 10 minutes :-)

    Interactive elements

    Personalize module appearance and place Facebook elements anywhere in your store:

    • Pull-out panel on the side of the page
    • Box that you can place with {tags} in the content of the store (product description, content of CMS pages, blog entries) and in template .tpl files
    • A page with a Friendly URL where you can put a description and rating of your store according to Facebook pages and the latest reviews of your customers
    Changelog days ago)

    v1.8.0 - 14/06/2021
    *fixed problems with conversions

    v1.7.0 - 05/06/2021
    *fb pixel support added

    v1.6.0 - 05/08/2019
    *fixed problems with download and display reviews from facebook

    v1.5.0 - 23/05/2019
    *the name of the module has been changed
    *module settings have been expanded with additional functions

    v1.4.0 - 09/02/2019
    *adaptation of the module for the new feedback from facebook

    v1.03.0 - 27/09/2018
    *bug fixes
    *new features
    *new layout

    v1.1 - 23/08/2018
    *added compatibility with prestashop 1.7+

    * manage categories and entries
    * assign category/entry to any hook from PrestaShop
    * call module from tpl files and CMS pages
    2021-06-11 Bartosz D.

    R E W E L A C J A! Dzięki za aktualizacje. WORK LIKE A CHARM:)

    2019-10-02 Wojtek


    2019-08-13 Paweł K

    Zainspirował mnie Wasz wysuwany panelik. Moduł robi to co ma robić. Połączenie ze stroną na fb jest ciupkę skomplikowane, ale ostatecznie ogarnąłem :-) Jest jakaś szansa, że FB będzie udostępniać token dłuższy niż na 3 miesiące?

    2019-08-08 Andrea

    Looking for it! Work like a charm!

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    Technical requirements
    • PHP >= 7.1. We recommend PHP 7.3 for maximum performance and security
    • IonCube extension
    • Nginx or Apache server
    • MySQL > = 5
    • Optional extensions for performance optimization: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc
    • PShowImporter module only: required PHP extension libxml in version > 2.9.3

    More about requirements and benefits from it you could read in our Knowledge Base.

    Technical support that works
    This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

    Together with the module, you get 3-month access to support and updates. If your support period expires, you will be able to continue using the module. You can reactivate access to support and updates at any time - see available packages.

    Support helpdesk.prestashow.pl

    • Help in installing and using our modules.
    • Guarantee of correct operation of the module in your store.
    • Possibility of paid extension and adaptation of modules to your needs.
    • On HelpDesk you can order any programming and optimization work for your store and server.
    • Additional works are priced in advance and implemented due the agreed date.
    • We process 67% of HelpDesk requests in less than 24 hours.

    Modules updates

    • The latest solutions and security fixes.
    • Work with the latest version of PrestaShop and PHP.
    • The modules will inform you about available updates and news in back-office.
    • You can update the module with 1-click.
    • Before updating, the module backup its files. In case of any problems, you can quickly restore previous version of module and contact us for help.
    Test demo


    • You could frelley test this module at our demo store: demo.presta.show
    • You could change back-office language to EN, DE, FR, ES, IT and PL in header demo-store-menu
    • Our modules are translated to ENGLISH and POLISH
    • Generated demo will be auto-deleted after 48 hours.
    License to use PrestaShow modules
    This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

    Detailed information about the licenses of our modules you will find on this page. Below we describe the most important information regarding the use of our modules and license:

    • You can use the module without any time limits in one store: 1 module = 1 license = 1 domain.
    • You can assign the module to the domain yourself after logging in to My Account in our store
    • You can also use the module in the test store: dev.domain.com, test.domain.com or beta.domain.com.
    • It is possible to change the domain for your license. For this purpose, please contact us at kontakt@prestashow.pl
    • You can modify the source code of the modules in tpl and css files. Modification of the engine (core) of the module is associated with the loss of warranty.
    • You can restore the warranty by installing the unmodified version of the module downloaded from My Account.