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PrestaShop Consents and Terms and Conditions Manager (GDPR)

PrestaShop: 1.5 1.6 1.7
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Reference: PShowConditions

The module makes it possible to add any number of required or voluntary contents to be accepted for both new and registered customers of your store. Your customers coudl accept and reject approved terms, download all their data and send a request to delete their account. Handle and manage your terms and conditions, consents, regulations and GDPR from one place!

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You can install the PRESTASHOW modules in your store yourself. You can also use our help. We guarantee the operation of our modules, therefore the installation of purchased modules is free. 

The module makes it possible to add any number of required or voluntary contents to be accepted for both new and registered customers of your store. Your customers coudl accept and reject approved terms, download all their data and send a request to delete their account. Handle and manage your terms and conditions, consents, regulations and GDPR from one place!

With PrestaShop Consents and Terms and Conditions Manager in your PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 you will be able to display any number of terms to be accepted by your customers in the vital areas of your store. You can configure each term individually. Customers can accept the terms and reject them later, which may result in e.g. their logging out from the store. 

The module is an ideal tool to manage GDPR and more:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Consents
  • Terms of Use
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Warranty provisions
  • Licences
  • Privacy policies
  • Newsletters and mailing lists

By adding (or editing the existing) terms the terms can be configured as required or optional. Each created condition cen be freely configured depending on your needs. You can create any number of conditions and display them in the following areas of your store:

  • Registration process of a new customer
  • Basket and purchase process – on one page (OPC) and in the case of a several-step order
  • POP-UP displayed on the main page of the store
  • Contact page – next to a contact form (the module can block the use of the form)
  • Newsletter
  • Custom PrestaShop cart modules

Additional configuration of terms:

  • Manner of accepting the terms: checkbox or YES/NO switch or display only information without checbox/switch to select (e.g. 'sending question you accept our regulations')
  • Blocking purchase – blocking purchases in the store when a term has not been accepted by a customer. This way your store will meet the GDPR requirements which have to be accepted by customers of every online store.
  • Only for registered customers – decide whether a term is to be displayed only to the registered customers right after they log in.
  • Turn on or off – creates a term.
  • Automatic logging out – in the even a customer has not accepted a term, the customer is logged out.
  • Link to file or CMS page - term content you are creating using WYSWIG Editor - you can style text as you like
  • Conditions - do not display this term if customer already accepted XYZ term/s
  • Translations – the content of the term can be translated into all languages enabled in a store.

How do the terms and acceptances left by customers in the store work with our module?

On "My account" each logged customer of a store has an additional tab created by the module: Your Consents and Terms of Use (GDPR). The tab includes terms accepted by the customer. The customer can withdraw any given consent from this place.

Moreover, from the level of My Account, customer can download all his data, which the store has (CSV file) and ask for deletion of his data.

From the administrative side, the module has a list of the consentsconditions you have created. You can edit or remove any consent, and create a new one. Moreover there are also:

  1. List of terms accepted by customers
  2. List of terms pending withdrawal
  3. List of withdrawn terms
  4. List of requests to delete an account

Each list contains factual customer data. The module saves all given consents in a database. The list of the given consents is available directly in the module and on the PrestaShop customer's review tab. Each list include:

  • The name of the accepted terms
  • Full name and an e-mail address of a customer
  • Store, in which the consent was given [only for multistore]
  • Date and time of the consent
  • IP of the computer from which the consent was given
  • The consent lists can be sorted and browsed.

Accepted consent by the client, which will then be withdrawn by him, goes to the list of conditions pending withdrawal. The store administrator may withdraw the consent of customers who have asked for it. After approval of the withdrawal of consent by the administrator, this consent goes to the list of withdrawn conditions. The consent after its withdrawal is again visible in the store and works as it was set up, e.g. it can log out the customer from the store if he does not accept it again.

The module also logs all the consents of clients not logged in to the store (shopping as a guest). If the customer not logged in and for example want to subscribes to the newsletter with the consent - the module will log given email and IP address.

Additional settings and functions of the module:

  • E-mail notifications should be sent about requests to delete an account
  • Allow customers to close [X] POP-UP window with contest until they reload the page
  • The module has been fully translated into Polish and English, and all content displayed can be freely modified from the PrestaShop translations panel
  • The module has operating and installation manual

Moreover, the module offers:

  • Creating backup of the module files - in any time and before module update.
  • The module includes a detailed module usage manual inside module
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions of new aspects by using HelpDesk that is connected with module — now you can be sure you will get a quick response to your comments!
  • Easy to use 1-click module update
  • Warranty and Update access - check tab Support and Updates


*added fixed buttons in fancybox

*added function disabled click overrlay fancybox

*added settings to block send request from customer when condition is required
*added download csv with personal data or accepted conditions in account or hook for guest

v1.22.0 [30.05.2018]
*added posibility to redirect page when customer don't accept popup permissons

v1.21.0 [30.05.2018]
*added support for ssl

v1.20.0 [28.05.2018]
*added block add multi remove request

v1.19.0 [28.05.2018]
*added visual changes to manuals

v1.18.1 [28.05.2018]
* added info only content
* added show hide long accepted condition in account
* fix path err ajax ps 1.7


* Fixed problems of compatibility with prestashop 1.5


* Conditions list: Add email from newsletter form when accepting it as guest
* added 'set max width' in global settings for POP-UP
* Conditions list: Add customer email from contact form when accepting it as guest
* added 'Turn on close button' for POP-UP in global settings
* added 'Hide or show checkbox in POP-UP' in global settings
* added request for delete all data of customer
* added send email to admin if request for delete all of customer data
* added send email to admin request for remove accept conditions
* added relations of conditions: if one condtions are accepted, related conditions will not show anymore
* added hook tmMegaLayoutHeader
* added newsletter conditions
* added multistore support
* Fixed error menu in back office
* Fixed switch CSS
* Fixed guest condition in 1st cart’s step
* Fixed error with html view in condition PS 1.7
* Fixed block registration button PS 1.6
* Fixed problems with compatibility with PS 1.5

* Added popup info if user not acceptet required after logout [p1.6]
* Added conditinos 1-step cart [p1.6]
* Added update conditions by click checkbox [p1.6,p1.7]

* Added list deleted condition [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added list request to delete conditions [p1.6,p1.7]

* Added function delete customer conditions [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added function request to reject conditions [p1.6]

* Added automatic logout if not acceptet required condition POPUP [p1.6]

* Added switch option instead checkbox [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added email sort and search in PA [p1.6,p1.7]

* Fix cookies err logout [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added view popup for only registered or all users [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added switch type to accept conditions [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added info fields [p1.6,p1.7]
* Added view id cart in admin condition customer controller [p1.6,p1.7]
* Fix err JS add to cart [p1.6,p1.7]
* Providing the module to the prestashop version 1.5
* Fix switch js err for ps 1.6
* Providing the module to the prestashop version 1.7
2019-07-29 | Wojtek Konstanty

Używaliśmy oficjalnego modułu z sklepu Presty. W porównaniu z Waszym wyglądał ubogo. Moduł PrestaShow polecam. Duży plus za szybką instalację. Polecam wszystkim, którzy muszą dodawać dodatkowe zgody na licencje sprzedawanego oprogramowania. Całkiem uniwersalny moduł, przy okazji załatwiający sprawy z RODO.

2018-06-07 | prestashow.pl

Laik - tak, instalacja przebiega tak samo, jak w przypadku każdego innego modułu - dodanie w panelu admina. Wymagana też jest edycja plików szablonu *.tpl. Moduł posiada instrukcje, która wskazuje pliki i miejsca plików, w których należy dodać kod. W razie problemów lub mocno zmodyfikowanego szablonu zachęcamy do zakupu instalacji modułu.

2018-06-07 | gti

czy instalacja jest prosta i laik sobie poradzi ?

2018-05-29 | prestashow.pl

Drodzy klienci / Dear customers (English below)

PL: Dostajemy wiele pytań dot. wielu sklepów w ramach jednej instalacji Presty (multistore) oraz dot. usuwania konta klienta.

Jeśli używacie wielu sklepów w ramach multistore, a w każdym sklepie jest np. nna domena i inny język - moduł sobie z tym poradzi. Zgody można tworzyć niezależnie od sklepu w ramach multistore, a każdą zgodę można tłumaczyć w językach, jakie są włączone w sklepie. W przypadku multistore wystarczy zakup jednej licencji - jednego modułu.

Klient może wysłać prośbę o usunięcie jego konta. Każdy sklep kieruje się inną polityką przetwarzania danych klientów. Sklepy często posiadają niestandardowe modyfikacje oraz moduły, które również zbierają dane lub chcą, aby część danych (np. faktury) pozostała w sklepie. Automatyczne usuwanie danych przez moduł jest wysoce niebezpieczne - np. nie wszystkie dane w Twoim sklepie mogą zostać usunięte. Administrator dostaje powiadomienie o chęci usunięcia konta przez klienta i powinien wykonać z tą informacją stosowne czynności, po których prośbę usunięcia zaznacza jako wykonaną, a moduł zaloguje tą informacje w liście kont usuniętych.


EN: We have a lot of questions about multistore and multilanguage and about account deletion request.
If you run many store using multishop and e.g every shop use another language - module will allow you to create terms in every shop separately using translations. One license (one module) for one multistore is enought :-)
Customers who want delete his account send a request to administrator. Shops have diferent politics with customers data and also modifications and modules that collect data too - automatic data deletion is very dangerous for shop and correct data removal, so we leave it in administrator hands. Admin see, that customers want delete his account and admin could do what needed. After doing your own activities with accound deletion you set deletions request as done and module log it.

2018-05-28 | Arek Woźniak

Po weekendowej aktualizacji jest to najbardziej kompleksowe j uniwersalne rozwiązanie na rynku. Korzystamy na dwóch sklepach presta 1.6 i jednym 1.7 i z czystym sumieniem polecam. Plus za wsparcie - gdy mieliśmy problem wsparcie nadciągnęło w kilkanaście minut. Polecam :-)

2018-05-24 | Metalzbyt

Mieliśmy problemy na 1.6 z racji mocno zmodyfikowanego szablonu naszego sklepu, ale na reakcję nie musieliśmy czekać dłużej niż dzień. Duży plus! Moduł bardzo funkcjonalny, wart przemyślenia i zakupu. Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za szybką pomoc! Rafał

2018-05-23 | prestashow.pl

Piotr J - moduł uruchomiliśmy z powodzeniem na kilkunastu sklepach w wersji 1.5. Prawdopodobnie popełniłeś błąd w trakcie instalacji. Skorzystaj z helpdesk.prestashow.pl - pomożemy i poprawimy.

2018-05-23 | Piotr J

Moduł nie działa w prestashop 1.5 - nie zczytuje klas z katalogu vendor - da się coś z tym zrobić?

2018-05-22 | Używamy na Prescie 1..6 i wszystko wydaje się działać. Póki co p

Używamy na Prescie 1..6 i wszystko wydaje się działać. Póki co polecam :)

2018-05-21 | prestashow.pl

v.1.4 - analizowaliśmy możliwość przystosowania, jednak zainteresowanie (3 sklepy) jest aktualnie zbyt małe i nieopłacalne.
Jeśli zbierze się Państwa więcej, to wykonamy moduł dla PS 1.4..

2018-05-18 | V1.4

Cień szansy, że zadziała w wersji 1.4?

2018-05-18 | Joanna

Plus za aktualizacje z brakującymi funkcjami. Moduł pokrywa nasze potrzeby:) Czekamy na obiecane powiadomienia mailowe i możliwość wygenerowania PDF z jego danymi dla klienta

2018-05-18 | Ed

Nice module! Thanks! Regular updates with function that we really need. Good choice and looks better than other modules available on market

2018-04-30 | prestashow.pl

The customer can withdraw any given consent.

The module includes a list of terms to be withdrawn and a list of withdrawn terms along with the data of the customers who asked for withdrawing their consents to the terms. The given consent which has been withdrawn by a customer is included in a list of terms to be withdrawn. The store administrator may withdraw consents of the customers who asked to do so. A withdrawn consent is placed on a withdrawn term lists.

Deletion or transfer procedure have to be done by store administrator.

2018-04-27 | mikwit

How about deleting all user data on request and all user data transfer to another company?

2018-03-27 | prestashow.pl

Module demo available at demo.prestashow.pl

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
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