How to speed up the PrestaShop store using the WebP format and Lazy Load technique?

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WebP and Lazy Load in PrestaShop?

WebP is an image compression format. With a smaller size by up to 85%, it retains almost the same quality compared to the JPEG format. This format is developed and promoted by Google.

Lazy Load is a technology that downloads images that are currently in the browser window. All other images that the recipient not see are not loaded until the window is scrolled. This technique drastically increases the loading speed of sluggish websites and online stores, and reduces the amount of data downloaded, especially on mobile devices.

PrestaShop & WebP

We have expanded out Bestseller Lazy Load module with support for the WebP format. This format is promoted by Google search engine and is increasingly used over the Internet. By using the WebP format you will shorten the loading time of the store and achieve higher results in Google Page Speed, Lighthouse and GTMetrix.

Convert product images to WebP format

Optimize product photos, categories, images in product descriptions and on CMS pages. The conversion will also include images displayed by blog, gallery and other modules. Reduce the loading time of the store on mobile devices and increase the SEO result!

Install and use

Just install the module and enable WebP format conversions in cofniguration. All photos in your store that you upload in JPEG or PNG will be converted on the fly to the WebP format. All photos existing in your shop will be also converted! Module is lightweight and speed up you Store in tests like Google Speed Test, GTMetrix and Lighthouse.

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Czy planujecie dodanie opcji CDN dla zdjęć do tego modułu? [01:00 12/04/2020]

Krzysztof, CDN wymaga konfiguracji zewnętrznej usługi. Nie planujemy wdrożenia tej funkcji w module, ale możemy wdrożyć CDN w Twoim sklepie. Np. korzysta z CDN Google Cloud. Daj znać jeśli będziesz miał więcej pytań.

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