Online store - independently, with the support of a freelancer or eCommerce agency? Short story about levels thru the online store development


There is never too much independence in eCommerce

If you believe in yourself, I'm almost sure you already have some internships in the eCommerce industry or running an online store.

If you don't have experience, it's worth getting it. In this post you will know a story that will probably also be waiting for you if you start working on eCommerce business today.

Intuition suggests you to start the store yourself, connecting it to the server and domain, and making your first sale. If you are determined, you'll run a store, learn how to use it and how to modify it.

After some time, you'll notice that growing sales mean growing needs and responsibilities. Finally, the day will come when you will understand that the eCommerce machine is alive, has its needs and growing potential, which is a shame to waste.

The needs of your store are growing

You will start to complement the store's needs with free and paid modules and with the help of forums and discussion groups. Next to needs, deficiencies accumulate, which you feel that need to be delegated. Can you develope, create graphics, deal with HelpDesk, accounting and sales alone? Definitely yes! However, will each of the planes where you have to move, make you enjoy? Not necessarily. These planes will be the bottleneck in the development of your store.

If you have found yourself at a point where activities overwhelm you, you should think about delegating tasks.

If you do not want to waste time digging in the code, and you would prefer to focus on making contacts or analyzing available solutions, then found professional partner.

Many stories that paved the way in online sales were successful when the owner realized that investing in code and technical facilities is an expense as important as buying a goods or negotiating commissions with an payment operator.

Freelancer is a good choice to start

The novice owner treats his internet business as a secondary matter. Has a limited budget, has few ideas or needs. You can find a talented freelancer who will support your store for little money.

However, it is different with freelancers - they can be in the cinema or after the party. They may lack skills in server-related technologies or SEO optimization. Freelancer capacity is also limited. You must be aware that you are not his only customer.

You can experience these restrictions, e.g. when you invest tens of thousands in an advertising campaign and the store refuses to work. A server failure can lead to a waste of time looking for an administrator who will not only peel off the skin, but to whom you will be able to trustfully transfer data of the store and server.

Cooperation with eCommerce agency

A panacea for the growing store is the support of an studio specializing in eCommerce, SEO or ADS. What companies offer are often convenient solutions in communication and progress of tasks. You can dwell on the offers and methodology of cooperation. However, bet on portfolio and experience in areas and services that interest you. A trustfull company will never tell you that you/they can't.

Choose a few companies, send an email, check reaction time, prices and how you will be served. If you feel that your doubts have been dispelled, it's a sign that you've come to the right place.

Share your problems with us, at PrestaShow we have solutions that will definitely help you. Good luck!

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