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    Moving your PrestaShop store to a new server

    Quick migration and server change

    A secure and fast process to move your store to a new server.

    • FTP Servers
    • VPS servers
    • Dedicated servers

    Contact us by phone to discuss the parameters of your old and new server before purchasing services.

    • We provide the service within 5 business days.
    • Your store will be shut down only for the time of DNS server rewiring (4-72h).

    Cloud and professional solutions

    If you want to migrate your store to professional solutions such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services or other cloud solutions - contact us before purchasing the service to get a customized migration quote.

    What does the store migration service include?

    1. Consultation on server selection.
    2. Secure shutdown of the store for the duration of the migration.
    3. Backup of files and database.
    4. Transfer of the store's files and database to the new server.
    5. DNS rewriting of the domain.
    6. Testing the store on the new server.
    7. Enabling the store on the new server.

    What is not included in the store migration service?

    • Configuration and optimization of the new server
    • Your new server should contain PHP and database versions and server components (e.g. cache, ioncube, etc.) the same as the source server.
    • Configure automatic backups.

    Prepare for the migration process to the new server

    Prepare accesses to the old server

    • Access to the server panel.
    • SSH and FTP access.
    • Access to the PrestaShop back office.
    • Access to the domain DNS management panel.

    Prepare accesses to the new server

    • Access to the server panel
    • SSH access (optimally SSH root)

    Server speed, and optimizing your store

    Does your store need to be optimized?

    A powerful server may not speed up a store that has bugs and has never been optimized.

    For maximum results, use the PrestaShop Store Optimization service, which, along with a new server, guarantees a maximum increase in speed and results in performance tests such as Page Speed, GTMetrix, Lighthouse, Search Console, etc.

    PrestaShop server - additional services

    Get useful features

    Server preparation and optimization

    🛒 Buy server preparation service.

    We have been developing the server preparation, configuration and optimization service for PrestaShop store since 2015. During this time, we have checked and tested many server platforms from Poland and abroad and selected the optimal components and parameters that will accelerate your work and increase the throughput of your store.

    • The configuration is based on Linux or CloudLinux, and for convenient management of the basic parameters of the server we install the Plesk panel.
    • The service includes the implementation of a free SSL certificate and CloudFlare integration.

    Operating environment: DEV + GIT

    🛒 Buy preparing your working environment

    If you are working with one or more developers, we recommend implementing GIT version control and code collaboration. This option will work perfectly in tandem with a Docker virtualization environment.


    PrestaShop Backup Pro

    🛒 Buy an automatic backup system

    Backups of the production store files and database are made regularly on a separate server - this can be a regular FTP server.

    • Password-protected compressed archives are created.
    • The created archives are sent to external servers.
    • Old archives are automatically deleted.
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