• Konfiguracja i optymalizacja serwera VPS / Cloud / Dedykowany
  • Konfiguracja i optymalizacja serwera VPS / Cloud / Dedykowany
    • Store and database backup configuration service on external servers
    • Encrypted, password-protected archives
    • Quick store recovery in case of failure, attack or hacking
    +240 points in the loyalty program
    Detailed description

    PrestaShop Backup Pro - Backups

    Backups consist of:

    • All of the production store's files
    • Production Store Database
    • Git (repository)

    Backups are performed regularly, at even intervals, using external servers.

    1. Backup archives are encrypted and password-protected before sending
    2. Secured archives are sent to external servers
    3. Old archives are automatically deleted

    Backup is performed in the middle of the night when there is least traffic on the server. Backup is performed in Linux shell, which guarantees minimal server load and error-free backups.

    The backup packages are encrypted and password protected. Then they are sent to an external server. A regular FTP server is sufficient for storing backup copies.

    Example configuration of backup copies:

    • 7 copies, each stored for 7 days
    • 4 copies made on Sundays, each stored for 30 days.
    • Or any configuration you deem appropriate.

    Restoring backup copies

    With automatic backups , you'll get your store back up and running when your first server goes down, crashes, or is attacked from the outside.

    Backupscan be supplemented with the Docker platform, which will definitely speed up the restoration and launch of your store and database on a new server.


    For maximum consistency, we encourage you to order the backup system along with our store and PrestaShop server optimization services.


    Our configurations come with a 3-month warranty, during which we test and optimize the implemented solution.

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