Connecting your Instagram profile to your PrestaShop store in 5 minutes

Do you want to connect your store with your profile on Instagram? A must! The path to purchase on Instagram is much shorter, so users have less time to think and give up. Customers shop faster, more efficiently and without leaving the platform. How do we tie it all together? Easily and automatically: we used JavaScript in an innovative mechanism for integrating PrestaShop with Instagram!


Configuration as easy as pie

You will set up the entire module with just a few clicks. Just enter the name of your profile on Instagram and the program will take care of all the integration. This process will take you 10 seconds (we measured!) :)

Then you can customize the look of the photos and your profile information you want to display in your store. Once the integration is complete, you can share new posts from your Instagram on your site. The PrestaShop module allows you to place your Instagram feed anywhere in your store.

Benefits for users

Enjoy full automation! The module checks once a day if there are new photos on your Instagram account. New content is downloaded and then saved to your server. This makes the site run faster: the images load from the cache so they do not load the link, reducing the connection time. What's more, the module doesn't query Instagram's servers with every store load.


Full freedom

In the module configuration you will also find additional options with the help of which you will configure the appearance of the photo feed that you will display in your store. You can choose from a number of options that you can personalize, among others:

  • Header (avatar, bio, number of followers)
  • Number of likes for the photo
  • Custom header above the photo feed
  • Number of comments on the photo

And much, much more, as we develop the module according to your ideas and needs. All you need to do is to use HelpDesk.

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