Video tutorial "Basics operations of the CSV & XML Import Manager" for PrestaShop. Integrate your store with any wholesaler!

Video toutorial

Video tutorial - basics of import in PrestaShop

Get to know the universal data importer so that you can integrate your store with any wholesaler and supplier. In the video we present the basic operations thanks to which you will be able to integrate the store with the warehouse using an XML or CSV file with the product feed:

  1. Adding XML feed
  2. Initial Configuration
  3. Matching data from the file to the store
  4. Category mapping and additional settings
  5. Import and check effects

Modular integration with XML, CSV and API

Our module is a proprietary and unique solution that reads data from every XML and CSV file. No programming knowledge is needed to operate module. All you have to do is paste a link to file or upload it. The module will automatically read the data. Select the data you want to import and start the import. Ready!

Full control over imported and updated data

The module allows you to perform advanced data operations. Import selected producers, category mapping, convert currencies rates or just edit any data. The module will not set any restrictions for you.

Automatic and contactless work

The module will update and add new products to the store automatically. Use file queuing and CRON to automate integration with multiple products feeds at the same time. Configure your files for any operations. The module will detect changes in files and update the data in your store.

Unlimited number of integrations

The module integrates any number of XML and CSV files. For example, you can integrate the same file twice - once for complete import, second time for updating, e.g. only prices and stock levels. The module will maintain order in the product catalog, assigning wholesalers to products imported from them.

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Ten moduł to petarda. Firmy wyceniają integracje per hurtownia za horrendalne ceny, a tu pyk, wszystko w jednym module. Cieszę się że istniejecie i Was znalazłem :-)))

Moduł działa z najnowszą Prestą 1.7? Pytam bo post już trochę czasu ma :-)

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