1.1 This Privacy Policy of the Internet Shop is informational, which means that it is not a source of obligation for customers or clients of the Internet Shop.
1.2 The Administrator of personal data collected by means of the Internet Shop is ARTUR DOBRZYŃSKI conducting business under the name LAYERSSHOW ARTUR DOBRZYŃSKI entered in the Central Register of Business Activity and Information of the Republic of Poland, conducted by the competent minister for economy, having: business address and address for delivery: ul. Józefa Szanajcy 14 lok. 52, 03-481 Warszawa, NIP: PL1132419179, REGON: 147477308, e-mail address: - hereinafter referred to as "Administrator" and being at the same time Service Provider of the Internet Shop and Seller.
1.3 The Customer's and Client's personal data are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item 883 as amended) (hereinafter referred to as: the Personal Data Protection Act) and the Act on electronic services of 18th July 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 144, item 1204 as amended).
1.4 The Administrator shall exercise due diligence in order to protect the interests of data subjects, and in particular to ensure that the data collected by him is processed lawfully; collected for specified, legitimate purposes and not subject to further processing incompatible with those purposes; materially correct and adequate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed, and stored in a form that allows identification of data subjects for no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
1.5 All words, phrases and acronyms appearing on this site and beginning with a capital letter (e.g. Seller, Online Store, Electronic Service) shall be understood in accordance with their definitions contained in the Rules of the Online Store available on the websites of the Online Store.


2.1 Each time the purpose, scope and recipients of data processed by the Administrator results from the actions taken by the Customer or Client in the Internet Shop. Possible purposes for collecting Customer's or Client's personal data by the Administrator:
2.1.1. conclusion and performance of a Sales Agreement or an agreement for the provision of an Electronic Service (e.g. Account).
2.1.2. direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services.
2.1.3. Expressing by the Customer an opinion about the Sales Agreement concluded.
2. 2 Possible recipients of the Internet Shop Customers' personal data:
2.2.1. In case of a Customer who uses the electronic or credit card payment method in the Internet Shop, the Administrator shall make available the collected personal data of the Customer to the chosen entity handling the aforementioned payments in the Internet Shop.
2.2.2 In the case of a Customer, who agreed to express an opinion on a Sales Agreement concluded, the Administrator shall make available the collected personal data of the Customer to a selected entity operating the system of surveys providing opinions on Sales Agreements concluded at the Internet Shop.
2.3 The Administrator can process the following personal data of Customers or Clients using the Internet Shop: first and last name; e-mail address; contact telephone number; delivery address (street, house number, apartment number, postal code, city, country), address of residence / business / office (if different from the delivery address). For Customers or Clients who are not consumers, the Administrator may additionally process the business name and tax identification number (NIP) of the Customer or Client.
2.4 Transaction data, including personal data, may be transferred to PayLane Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk, ul. Arkońska 6/A3, postal code: 80-387, KRS: 0000227278 or - company PayPal (Europe) S.a r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., 5th floor 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, Luxembourg - to the extent necessary to process payment for the order.
2.5 Providing personal data, referred to in the above paragraph may be necessary to conclude and perform a Sales Agreement or an agreement for the provision of Electronic Services in the Online Shop. Each time the scope of data required to conclude a contract is previously indicated on the website of the Online Store and in the Rules and Regulations of the Online Store.


3.1 Cookies are small information in the form of text files sent by a server and stored on the website of the Internet Shop (e.g. on the hard disk of a computer, laptop or smartphone memory card - depending on the device used by the visitor to our Internet Shop). Detailed information about cookies, as well as the history of their creation can be found, among others, here:
3.2 The Administrator can process data contained in Cookies while the visitors use the website of the Internet Shop for the following purposes:
3.2.1. identifying Customers as logged in to the Internet Shop and showing that they are logged in;
3.2.2. remembering about Products added to the basket in order to place an Order;
3.2.3. storing data from completed Order Forms, surveys or logging data to the Online Shop;
3.2.4. adjust the content of the Internet Shop to individual preferences of the Customer (e.g. colors, font size, page layout) and optimise the use of the Internet Shop pages;
3.2.5. conduct anonymous statistics presenting the manner of use of the Internet Shop website;
3.2.6. popularization of the Internet Shop with the help of social network service.
3.3 By default, most web browsers available on the market accept the storage of Cookies. Everyone has the ability to determine the conditions of using cookies through the settings of their own web browser. This means that you can, for example, partially restrict (e.g. temporarily) or completely disable the storage of cookies - in the latter case, however, this may affect some of the functionality of the Online Store (for example, it may not be possible to follow the path of the Order through the Order Form due to not remembering the Products in the shopping cart during the subsequent steps of submitting the Order).
3.4 The settings of your Internet browser regarding Cookies are important from the point of view of your consent to the use of Cookies by our Online Store - according to the regulations such consent can also be expressed through the settings of your Internet browser. If you do not give such consent, you should change your Internet browser's cookie settings accordingly.
3.5 Detailed information about changing the settings for cookies and their removal in the most popular web browsers are available in the help section of your web browser and on the following pages (just click on the link):
- in the Chrome browser
- Firefox
- the Internet Explorer browser
- the Opera browser
- in Safari browser
3.6 The Administrator also processes anonymised usage data related to the use of the Internet Shop (IP address, domain) in order to generate statistics helpful in administering the Internet Shop. This data is aggregate and anonymous, i.e. it does not contain any identifying characteristics of persons visiting the Internet Shop website. The data are not disclosed to third parties.


4.1 Providing personal data by the Customer or the Client is voluntary, although the failure to provide personal data indicated on the website of the Online Store and in the Rules of the Online Store necessary for the conclusion and implementation of a Sales Agreement or an agreement for the provision of Electronic Services will result in inability to conclude this contract.
4.2 The basis for the processing of the Customer's or Client's personal data is the need for the performance of a contract to which they are a party or to take action at their request prior to entering into such a contract. In the case of data processing for the purposes of direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services, such processing shall be based on (1) prior consent of the Customer or Client or (2) fulfilment of the Administrator's legally justified purposes (pursuant to Article 23.4 of the Act on Personal Data Protection, a legally justified purpose is considered to be direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services).
4.3 In case of data processing for the purpose of Customer's expression of an opinion on a Sales Agreement concluded, such processing shall be based on Customer's or Client's consent.


5.1 The Customer or the Client has the right to access their personal data and correct them.
5.2 Every person has the right to control the processing of data to which they relate, contained in the Administrator's data filing system, and in particular the right to: demand completion, updating, correction of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or deletion, if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected in violation of the Act, or are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected.
5.3 If the Customer or Client has given consent to the processing of data for the purpose of direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services, the consent may be revoked at any time.
5.4 If the Administrator intends to process or processes the Customer's or Client's data for the purpose of direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services, the data subject shall also be entitled to (1) submit a written, reasoned request to cease processing his/her data due to his/her particular situation, or (2) object to the processing of his/her data.
5.5 In order to exercise the rights referred to above, the Administrator may be contacted by sending a relevant message in writing or by e-mail to the address of the Administrator indicated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.


6.1 The Internet Shop can contain links to other websites. The Administrator encourages to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of other websites. This privacy policy applies only to this Internet Shop.
6.2 The Administrator shall apply technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of the processed personal data appropriate to the threats and the category of data protected, and in particular, shall protect the data against their disclosure to unauthorised persons, acquisition by an unauthorised person, processing in violation of the applicable regulations and against change, loss, damage or destruction.
6.3 The Administrator shall adequately provide the following technical measures to prevent acquisition and modification by unauthorized persons of personal data transmitted electronically:
6.3.1 Security of the data set against unauthorized access.
Access to an Account only after providing an individual login and password.
6. 3.3 SSL Certificate.
6.3.4 Data encryption.