At PrestaShow, when we develop and online store personalisation of its design becomes our priority. A professional UX/UI designer takes care of the design of your store – this way it is in line with the sold goods and is adjusted to your target group and the existing brand in the most appropriate way. Our specialisation includes designing brands from scratch – a logo, stationery and professional photo shoots by using a studio and top-notch equipment. Good graphics (a template and a theme) for an online store is only a tip of the iceberg. A perfect knowledge of PrestaShop, hundreds of solved issues and a wide programming expertise enable us to implement any modifications and desired functionalities in your store. Get in touch and we will propose a tailor-made store »
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PrestaShop implementations and realizations (portfolio)

Oryginal template and mods for Mówiszimasz.com.pl
Template and webshop connected with business info page for Serwis-kop.pl
Multishop serwis-kop.pl
Theme and online flower shop Azaliaonline.pl
Theme design from delivered PSD files - Petsupplies.pl
Webstore Petsupplies.pl
Online cosmetics warehouse Trena.pl
Webstore trena.pl
Project visualisation of Akmes.pl webshop
Theme and webstore Akmes.pl
Theme and webstore I-drops.pl
Auctions templates is a complement to our webstores webdesign
Landing pages
Web store contratus.pl