• PrestaShop tax number validator - VIES / Vatapp
  • PrestaShop tax number validator - VIES / Vatapp
  • PrestaShop tax number validator - VIES / Vatapp
  • PrestaShop tax number validator - VIES / Vatapp New

    PrestaShop: 1.7
    Translations: EN, PL
    Reference: pshowtaxnumber
    • VAT validation in all PrestaShop address/invoice forms
    • Checking the authenticity of VAT numbers on up to 4 levels in Polish and European databases
    • Transparent messages and blocking of saving the form in case of providing an incorrect number
    • Automatic correction of the entry of tax numbers, eg PL 1132419179
    • We could connect module to your local country tax number database
    Support access With the module, you get 3-month access to support and modules updates. You can extend this access at any time. Access and updates cover all modules in your account.
    Services and extensions
    You can install the modules yourself in PrestaShop standard way. You can also use the installation service. To do this, open a ticket at helpdesk.prestashow.pl.

    54,81 EUR net
    67,42 EUR gross

      Validate EU VAT numbers directly in your PrestaShop store

      The correctness of the VAT number is important if you sell B2B in your store. Incorrectly completed tax identification number during the order may generate additional costs caused by unauthorized aboard sales without VAT, accounting problems and a waste of time that you spend on checking correct data or contacting with your customers.

      This module will automatically connect to the address forms in your PrestaShop store and validate the authenticity of the VAT field, which is completed by B2B customers when placing the order.

      The module guarantees that the invoice data form will be blocked with an incorrectly completed EU VAT number. The module also blocks the possibility of selling to foreign entities that do not have a European VAT number.

      Validation of the entered tax number takes place in real time and does not require reloading the page or saving the data:

      • Correct validation highlights the field in green and allows customer to save the form with data for the invoice

      • Incorrect validation highlights the field in red and informs the user about the problem with the VAT number

      Module automatically formats the number entered by the customer, removing unnecessary characters and unnecessary spaces from it and forcing the country code to be entered by customers, e.g. PL 1132419179. Thanks to this, you will maintain the valid tax number, which will be appreciated by your accountants and ERP programs adapted to the current tax law law.


      Smart validation

      Checking the correctness of the entered VAT number consists in the automatic correction of the number format and checking its authenticity at 4 levels, incl. in the VIES system. Module also use internal calculator to count VAT number authenticity.

      • If the external services are working properly or are not overloaded, checking the authenticity of the tax number run immediately.
      • The process of validating entered number does not block the possibility of filling the rest of the form.

      Local country tax numbers databases

      • Module is connected to VIES and Vatapp remote databases to run EU VAT validation.
      • Modules is connected to official Polish database mf.gov.pl 
      • You could order connection of this module to you local country official tax number database. To do this prepare links and documentation to you local tax database and send it to us using contact page.

      Attention! Selected remote VAT database resources may not work for reasons independent of the module. Module then skips validation in offline sources and validates with other methods. Formatting and basic validation always take place.

      Tax security and correct invoices

      Orders, especially foreign ones, with an incorrectly completed VAT number may generate a loss due to incorrectly calculated tax for the order. Thanks to the validation of the number provided by the customer, you can be sure that you will not lose VAT. This module works with our PrestaShop Invoices module.

      Install and forget

      After installation, the module does not require any additional configuration. If your template uses the standard PrestaShop mechanisms to process addresses, the module should work fine. Depending on the store template, you may need to customize the appearance of messages. In case of problems, open a ticket at helpdesk.prestashow.pl

      The module has been fully translated into Polish and English.

      Changelog days ago)
      2021-10-22 prestashow.pl

      Tomek, planujemy już tą funkcjonalność. W ciągu 2-3 tygodni pojawi się. Czego oczekujesz od automatyzacji stawek VAT w tym module? :-)

      2021-10-13 Tomek

      "[WKRÓTCE] Automatyzacja wysokości stawek VAT" Kiedy można się spodziewać ?

      2021-09-02 prestashow.pl

      Kamil - tak, moduł w tym miesiącu będzie kompatybilny z PS 1.6
      . - Nie mieliśmy okazji testować, ale jeśli Twój moduł używa standardowych mechanizmów PrestaShop do przetwarzania adresów, działanie modułu powinno być prawidłowe. Jeśli będzie inaczej - wycenimy dostosowanie działanie modułu do Twojego koszyka.

      2021-08-31 .

      Czy moduł jest kompatybilny z koszykiem OPC Know Band?

      2021-08-25 Kamil

      Pytanie czy będzie wersja na preste 1.6 ?? :)

      2021-08-24 Anna J

      Wszystko ok

      2021-08-20 prestashow.pl

      Uldis, module use internal calculator and connect to EU VIESS and Vatapp databases, to check VAT tax numbers. We could also connect module to you country local tax numbers database. Contact us using HelpDesk or contact page if you are interested in.

      2021-08-12 Uldis -

      Does this works only with Polish vat or all European?

      2021-08-09 Maciej

      Dziękuję za informacje, tak moja 1.6.1 działa na php 7.1

      2021-08-09 prestashow.pl

      Maciej, jeśli znajdzie się kilkunastu chętnych, to jasne, że tak! :) Pamiętaj, że nasze moduły pracują z PHP 7.1 wzwyż. Czy Twój sklep jest gotowy?

      2021-08-09 Maciej

      Czy będzie wersja pod prestashop 1.6 ??

      2021-08-08 Krzysztof K

      Minął tydzień po instalacji tego modułu. Zwalidował w naszym sklepie ok 500 zamówień. W standardzie ok 3% zamówień mieliśmy problemy z europejskimi numerami vat i prawie zawsze z złym formatowaniem. Problem został wyeliminowany do zera dzięki modułowi. Dziękujemy Panu Arturowi za podjęcie tematu a moduł polecamy z czystym sumieniem wszystkim sklepom, które fakturują sprzedaż :-)

      Leave a comment or ask us a question :-) Your opinion may be helpful for other users and will help us improve our quality of services.

      Technical requirements
      • PHP in version minimum 7.1. We recommend PHP 7.3 for maximum performance and security
      • IonCube extension
      • Nginx or Apache server
      • MySQL > = 5
      • Optional extensions for performance optimization: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc
      • PShowImporter module only: required PHP extension libxml in version > 2.9.3
      • PShowFacebookIntegrator module only: PHP 7.2 for Facebook API support

      More about requirements and benefits from it you could read in our Knowledge Base.

      Technical support that works
      This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

      Together with the module, you get 3-month access to support and updates. If your support period expires, you will be able to continue using the module. You can reactivate access to support and updates at any time - see available packages.

      Support helpdesk.prestashow.pl

      • Help in installing and using our modules.
      • Guarantee of correct operation of the module in your store.
      • Possibility of paid extension and adaptation of modules to your needs.
      • On HelpDesk you can order any programming and optimization work for your store and server.
      • Additional works are priced in advance and implemented due the agreed date.
      • We process 67% of HelpDesk requests in less than 24 hours.

      Modules updates

      • The latest solutions and security fixes.
      • Work with the latest version of PrestaShop and PHP.
      • The modules will inform you about available updates and news in back-office.
      • You can update the module with 1-click.
      • Before updating, the module backup its files. In case of any problems, you can quickly restore previous version of module and contact us for help.
      • You could test module in our demo store (link in upper section)
      • Some of our modules have demo-content installer
      • If demo content installer is unavailable please remember to configure module first
      • You could change demo language in demo store top-menu
      • Demo store will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
      • In case of problems with demo - please contact us


      License to use PrestaShow modules
      This additional tab was aded to many products by module Extra Tabs & Sections for products page.

      Detailed information about the licenses of our modules you will find on this page. Below we describe the most important information regarding the use of our modules and license:

      • You can use the module without any time limits in one store: 1 module = 1 license = 1 domain.
      • You can assign the module to the domain yourself after logging in to My Account in our store
      • You can also use the module in the test store: dev.domain.com, test.domain.com or beta.domain.com.
      • It is possible to change the domain for your license. For this purpose, please contact us at kontakt@prestashow.pl
      • You can modify the source code of the modules in tpl and css files. Modification of the engine (core) of the module is associated with the loss of warranty.
      • You can restore the warranty by installing the unmodified version of the module downloaded from My Account.
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