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Google Integrator: Tag Manager, Ads, Enhanced eCommerce, 100% Conversion

PrestaShop: 1.6 1.7
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Reference: PShowConversion
  • Precise and lossless analytics for eCommerce
  • Integration with Google Analytcis, Google Tag Manager, Ads and Optimize
  • Improved Ecommerce and DataLayer full support
  • 100% guarantee of sending information about every order from PrestaShop to Google
  • Support of 100% European and wordwide payment methods
  • Support for returns and withdrawals of transactions and existing orders in the store (before module installation)
  • Traffic Sources exploration for every order
  • Google API implementation to check that transactions were sent and exists in the Google Analytics.
  • Complete log of operations
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Extend HelpDesk and Updates access:   You can use the purchased module in your store without any time limits. 3-month a ccess to 1-click updates and HelpDesk are included in module pric. You can extend it at any time. Access to support and updates cover ALL modules purchased in our store.
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You can install the PRESTASHOW modules in your store yourself. You can also use our help. We guarantee the operation of our modules, therefore the installation of purchased modules is free. 

Complete solution of Google Tools for PrestaShop

Stable PrestaShop Integration with Google Analytics, Ads, Optimize and Google Tag Manager. Fully support Enhanced Ecommerce, provides 100% conversion sending and accurate traffic sources research. Our module guarantees uncompromising analysis of traffic, customer behaviors and statistics.

PrestaShop Google Integrator is a module used and recommended by SEO and SEM agencies working in the eCommerce industry!

Google API integrated with PrestaShop

Using the latest capabilities of Google API, we have created a module that uses the latest analytical possibilities from Google, including Ehanced Ecommerce. Thanks to our solutions, you will not lose any more source, clicks, cart transaction or customer data in Google ANalytics. Integrate your PrestaShop with:

  • Google Analytics + Better Sources
  • 100% Conversion Counting
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Enhanced Ecommerce (DataLayer)
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Ads
  • GDPR compliant (IP Anonimization)
  • Support for orders incomming outside PrestaShop (eBay, ERP, CRM, etc.)

Support for all payment methods

Bank wire, check, cash on delivery, PayPal, Klarna and every electronic payment methods available on the wordwide market. Just configure order status for which information about order will be transferred to Google Analytics. For example, if the module is configured to send information about order and conversion when the order status change into ‘Payment accepted’, each order with this status will be sent to Google Analytics.

Enhanced eCommerce - Enhanced Ecommerce

Use the latest Google analytics solutions. Our module supports DataLayer and Enhanced Ecommere, so you can analyze:

  • Shopping behavior and movement in the store
  • Behavior at the implementation and transaction stage
  • Examine the effectiveness of the offer and the sales effectiveness of your store
  • WARNING! DataLayer requires implemented schema.org in the store template, e.g. for product https://schema.org/Product. Most PrestaShop templates have this as standard.

Returns, canceled orders and orders before module installation

Module could withdraw (based on order status) information about orders and conversions from Google Analytics, for example in case of return or order cancellation.

You can send orders existing in your shop befor module instalation. For example IDs (12, 24, etc) or a range of order IDs (12-14, etc) you want to transfer to Google Analytics with completed conversion.

Handling orders from outside PrestaShop

If orders in your store are generated by other sources, e.g. ERP integration, Amazon, eBay, Aukro, etc. - the module will detect them and send information about them to Google.

Multistore support

The module supports Multistore. You can configure independent integrations with Google tools for each store.

Information about sending to Google Analytics

The module adds an interactive "Sent to Google Analytics" button on the orders list, thanks to which you can quickly and surely check whether the module has sent order information to Google Analytics. Also in the order details you will find a list with the sources of the customer's inputs and complete informaton that module send to GA. You can quickly check where the customers who made a purchase in your store come from.

Intelligent Solutions

  • Submitting conversion information for old orders (already existing in the store) is optional. Works automatically (based on selected order statuses) and manually. Orders that were created in the store before the installation of our module and do not have the source of the entrance to the store correctly marked, will be sent to Google Analytics without a specific source.
  • Protection against double sending of transactions - the module controls sent orders and will not allow double counting and sending this information to the Google Analytics account.
  • The module logs all its activities to the log.txt file, so you can know the details of all interactions that will occur between your customers, store, module and Google Analitycs account
  • Thanks to cooperation with specialists in the field of analytics and advertising, we are constantly developing the module's capabilities with the current market needs.

Simple module configuration

  1. Configuration of PrestaShop connection with Google Analytics (and other Google tools) is done by entering the identifier (ID) of the Google Analytics service in the module settings.
  2. Select the statuses of orders for which information about conversion and eCommerce data you want to automatically transfer to your Google Analytics account.
  3. Enhanced Ecommerce configuration: Enable UE in your Google account, and then upload the package with DataLayer tags, which you will find in the module.

Additional functions nad support

  • Automatic backup of module files
  • User manual - the module has a user manual available directly in the module
  • The module is connected to our HelpDesk system. Thanks to the convenient and transparent panel you can be sure of quick response and help
  • Access to convenient 1-click updates directly in the module
  • OVERRIDE: This module uses override - PrestaShop functionality that allows you to expand the standard store capabilities. If you do not know if your store uses override or you do not know how to combine override files, we encourage you to use the module installation service in your store. You can purchase the module installation together with the module by selecting the check box next to "Add to basket".


* you can disable Global Site Tag, so you can use other modules for tracking user activity in the shop

v1.22 - 19.12.2019
* from now you can enter custom source & medium while creating the order in the back-office

v1.21 - 04.10.2019
* fixed missing 'cid' parameter

v1.20 - 19.09.2019
* Important! You must update your dataLayer configuration!
Edit tags which uses event actions: `impressions, detail, checkout, checkoutOption, purchase, refund`
and set: Non-interactive = True
* added support for OPC module 'supercheckout' for PrestaShop 1.7
* added configuration file ready to import in tagmanager.google.com
* fixed bug related to PayU payment module (Jakarta user-agent)

v1.19 - 12.08.2019
* fixed bugs in the traffic source tracking

v1.18 - 06.08.2019
* fixed tracking order steps in PrestaShop 1.7

v1.17 - 28.06.2019
* NEW! introduced integration with Google Reporting API.
From now the module will check that transactions were sent to and exists in the Google Analytics.
* fixed bug with currencies
* fixed bugs

v1.16 - 08.05.2019
* NEW! allow to configure transaction sources which should be ignored
* fixed bugs reported by users

v1.15 - 12.12.2018
* NEW! you can use CRON job to send transactions to GA
* NEW! the module allows to collect data by dataLayer from Google Tag Manager -
measuring product impressions, clicks, checkout steps, purchases and many more

v1.14 - 28.05.2018
* improved tracking of user activity using php measurement protocol
* improved sending of customer data with transaction to GA
* allow to anonymize customer ip address
* official js tracking code is now associated with data sending using measurement protocol

v1.13 - 23.02.2018
* added Google Tag Manager noscript tag (module reinstallation required)

v1.12 - 16.02.2018
* NEW! added data which will be sent to GA on the order page in the back-office
* fixed bug in sending order to GA while first status is add to order

v1.11 - 14.02.2018
* improved traffic sources

v1.10 - 31/01/2018
* adwords tracking improved

v1.9 - 24/01/2018
* improved module configuration
* improved searching of traffic sources
* since this version module is fully working with multistore mode
* NEW! added Google Tag Manager tracking code

v1.8 - 18/12/2017
* improved tracking

v1.7 - 07/12/2017 - Update your module configuration after update to this version
* NEW! added support for google optimize
* NEW! google analytics measurement protocol is used for page tracking (instead of analytics.js)

v1.6 - 16/11/2017
* improved connection with GA

v1.5 - 13/11/2017
* improved client tracking

v1.4 - 03/11/2017
* NEW! option in module configuration: Display tracking code in the store
* NEW! option in module configuration: Expiration of traffic sources
* improved getting of traffic sources
* big changes in traffic sources management

v1.3 - 27/10/2017
* fixed bug in creating new shopping carts

v1.2 - 20/09/2017
* fixed client id
* improved order sending to Google Analytics

v1.1 - 07/06/2017
* fixed many bugs reported by clients

v1.0 - 30/09/2016
* initial version
2020-02-21 | Arek

Moduł sztos!!!!!!!!!

2020-02-07 | Szymon Gwiazdowski

Od roku dostarczmy ten moduł naszym klientom - polecam z ręką na sercu. HelpDesk ma pojęcie o analityce i integracji, rozwiązują rodzące się problemy i potrzeby.

2020-01-21 | prestashow.pl

Marcin, tak. Moduł obsługuje kroki w zamówieniach krokowych oraz sekcje w zamówieniu OPC (one page checkout).

2020-01-21 | Marcin

Czy ten moduł obsługuje kroki zakupowe?

2019-11-29 | Krzysztof Mroczek

Bardzo dobry moduł, nie gubi koszyków źródeł, rzetelne wsparcie ma helpdesku.

2019-10-26 | Łukasz Krzymiński

Moduł dobrze działa z dataLayer, co prawda podstawowe eventy, ale działa. Sporo pracy odchodzi :) Ale jaki sens ma cześć dla Google Analytics gdzie podajemy ID. Jeśli nie podam to transakcje nie są przesyłane, ale znów chce korzystać z GTM i podaje ID, tylko jak w obu miejscach mam podane ID to znów dochodzi do duplikacji ID Google Analytics. W efekcie czego na stronie mam dwa ID GA, czego nie powinno się robić, bo będzie dochodzić do fałszowania danych. Jakieś rozwiązanie?

2019-10-25 | prestashow.pl

Tomasz, za obsługę remarketingu dynamicznego od niedawna odpowiada kod GA oraz konfiguracja konta Analytcis: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2444872?hl=pl
Nasz moduł załatwia resztę :-).

2019-10-23 | Tomasz

Czy ten moduł posiada obsługę remarketingu dynamicznego?

2019-08-06 | Göran Fallgran

Good module, simple configuration, conversion counting 100%. Prestashow you got my recommendation!

2019-07-19 | Krzysztof Pieklik


2019-05-10 | prestashow.pl

PrestaShop 1.7 - tak, moduł posiada CRON, który bada na bieżąco zamówienia w sklepie. Do GA wysyła zamowienia stworzone w sklelie, w adminie i pochodzące z zewnetrzych integracji.

2019-05-09 | PrestaShop 1.7

Czy jeśli do sklepu wpadają zamówienia składane telefonicznie i one wpadają przez integracje z Baselinkerem to czy ten moduł je wyśle do Analityksa?

2019-04-26 | Kostek

Moduł nie ma równych. PrestaShow dało cynk, że pracuje nad feedem xml dla GMC. Po jego dodaniu mamy rewelacyjny polski moduł :-) CZEKAMY :-)

2019-03-08 | Aneta S.

Moduł naprawdę precyzyjnie wskazuje źródła ruchu w sklepie. Pan Artur pomógł nam z konfiguracją EE po stronie Analyticsa. Można naprawdę dużo wyciągnąć dzieki temu modułowi. Szczerze polecam i pozdrawiam całą ekipę Prestashow :)

2018-12-20 | Gaurav Sehgal

Good module. Conversion counting 100% - true. Working with tags and GTM - true.

2018-11-06 | Kacper Anton

Moduł bez dwóch zdan przekazuje 100% zakupów do google analitcys. Zródła też pojawiają się częściej niż none. Czekamy na enhanced ecommerce

2018-10-28 | Anton

Good module that count ALL transactions in Analitycs! Thanks!

2018-09-26 | prestashow.pl

Michał - w module mamy dwie metody śledzenia - PHP i JS.
Metoda JS wykorzystuje najnowszy kod od Google.

2018-09-05 | Michał


czy jeśli chodzi o Google Analytics moduł korzysta z Global site tag (gtag.js), czy ze starego kodu?

2018-08-29 | Piotr & Paweł SEO

Z modułu korzystamy w kilku sklepach naszych klientów. Dziękujemy za dodanie badania statusów poprzez CRON! Moduł wykonuje ogromną robotę Good job:)

2018-06-07 | Paweł Płotek

Od 2 tygodni Google zliczyło wszystkie koszyki. Dane ze sklepu, w tym źródła wraz z AdWordsami zostały przekazane do GA jak należy. Szczerze polecamy

2017-12-28 | Piotr J

Zakupiłem moduł dla Prestashop 1.7 i moge z ręką na sercu polecić. Nie ma innego modułu na rynku, który jak ten działa w 100% i można liczyć na natychmiastowe wsparcie zespołu prestashow!

2017-08-28 | Kamil

Moduł nie odpuszcza każdego koszyka, można liczyć konwersje bez omyłki... W końcu. Warto go mieć w sklepie

2017-06-20 | Tomasz

Pierwszy moduł, z którym zliczanie konwersji jest bezbłędne. Moduł miał kilka wad, ale regularne aktualizacje łatają je jedna po drugiej.

2017-05-17 | Dimitrov

I'm using this module for 3 days and all carts all properly send to Google! Better than others module! Great!

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  • Apache lub nginx (nginx > apache)
  • PHP >= 5.5.9 (higer is better, PHP 7 is optimal)
  • MySQL >= 5
  • PHP extension libxml (in all version except2.9.3 which contains bugs)
  • Optional server addons/services/cache for better performance: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached or apc
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