Analytics for online stores. How to run and configure Enhanced eCommerce in PrestaShop?

Google Analytics

Improved eCommerce in PrestaShop

Every person selling online should take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of Enhanced eCommerce. EE is Google Analytics free extension is and allows you to better analysis of customer behavior in online store. Emjamced  eCommerce allows you to examine product, orders and conversion statistics. In addition, the eCommerce data collected by Analytics can be used for well remarketing in Google Ads.

What does Enhanced eCommere give?

  • Goal management, e.g. information about the customer reaching a selected address or store item, e.g. phone number or order page
  • A thorough analysis of the source and traffic flow in online store
  • Extensive product information: the number of products added and removed from the cart, the number and value of orders, information about amounts and taxes
  • Accurate shopping information, such as empty baskets or abandoned baskets divided into new and returning users
  • Analysis in terms of marketing (internal promotions, discount coupons) and the impact of the promotion on sales
  • Accurate conversion analysis with channel comparison option

How do you enable Enhanced eCommerce?

Turning this function on is easy and you can do it yourself:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. In the data view, go to the Administration tab
  3. Go to the Ecommerce settings tab
  4. Enable Enhanced Eommerce reporting and save settings

Your Google Analytics account is ready to receive ehanced eCommerce data.

Enhanced Ecommerce in your store

The next step is to set up your online store to forward traffic, products, customers and orders data to your GA account. For the basic purpose, you can configure the standard module available in PrestaShop or paste the GA tracking code into your store's template. You can find the code for your GA account in the GA Account Administration.

Keep in mind that the default module works the same as pasting code. Both solutions collect data on traffic sources. However, they do not provide precise transmission of eCommerce data. To use 100% of the possibilities, you should modify your store and template, among DataLayer. You could also use external module.

This procedure may require an individual approach to the store and the template. To automate this process, we have created a module that guarantees the collection of 100% eCcommerce data and supports all Google tools, including GA with EE, Google Tag Manager, better conversion and sources, remarketing and stable connection using Google API:

Start use analytical data

Analysis of the obtained data will help you plan steps forward in store developing, help you choose the most effective store promotion channel and identify bottlenecks that reduce conversion. Anyone who uses Analytics to test online store statistics should introduce Enhanced eCommerce to analyze sales, problems and planning development.

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